How to Route MIDI through Satellite MIDI: Logic Pro

You can route a MIDI Instrument channel to send the MIDI it is playing directly through Satellite MIDI and into Satellite Sessions. The exact way to do this varies between DAWs, and since it’s a little more complicated, this method may not be suitable for less experienced users.

In all DAWs, Satellite Sessions must be added first to a blank, new MIDI channel. You can then route MIDI directly into Satellite Sessions via Satellite MIDI, by following the steps below:

Logic Pro X:

1. Create an AU or External Instrument channel. (For External Instruments, enable ‘Use External Instrument Plugin’).

2. Add your AU Instrument and/or route your MIDI device to the channel.

3. Add Satellite MIDI to the channel as a MIDI FX Unit.

4. Name your MIDI Stem in Satellite MIDI.

5. If you wish, open Satellite Sessions to confirm that a MIDI Stem track has been created. The record icon should be illuminated red.

6. Now, press play in your DAW to begin recording.

7. Play will trigger a MIDI clip on the channel.

8. You can also capture MIDI in Satellite MIDI by playing a MIDI keyboard/controller.

9. The MIDI you play through your MIDI Instrument is captured by Satellite MIDI and will show up in Satellite Sessions in seconds.

10. All members of the session with VIP, VIP+ or Co-Host privileges can now download the MIDI into their own DAW for playback.

11. They can also edit the MIDI and re-upload it to the Session!