How to Add MIDI Tracks

1. You may have done this already: Add “Satellite Sessions” (VST/AU Plugin) on a blank, new MIDI Instrument channel. This is your command hub, where you see your entire session including all the stems uploaded by you and your friends.

2. Capture MIDI into Satellite by adding a “Satellite Audio” plugin as an AU/VST/AAX plugin to a blank MIDI channel in your DAW.

3. In Satellite Sessions, a new MIDI track will be created the moment you add Satellite MIDI to a MIDI channel in your DAW. The Satellite MIDI plugin is now bridged with Satellite Sessions.

4. Enable the Record icon in Satellite Sessions. It should be red. You are ready to record.

There are two ways to capture MIDI:

Easy Way

  • Add Satellite MIDI to a new, blank MIDI channel.
  • Add a MIDI clip to the blank MIDI channel. This can be a clip you have created yourself, or any other MIDI file.
  • Press Play in your DAW to trigger the MIDI clip. Because it is on a blank channel, you won’t hear any audio, bt you should see MIDI signals being triggered.
  • Press Stop when the clip ends, to cease recording.

More Complex Way

You can also route a MIDI Instrument channel to send the MIDI it is playing directly through Satellite MIDI and into Satellite Sessions. The exact methodology varies between DAWs, and this method may not be suitable for less experienced users.

5. The MIDI will upload to Satellite Sessions and be visible, but greyed out. This is because it has not got an instrument connected to it for playback.

6. To hear the MIDI clip inside Satellite Sessions, go to the left-hand side of the stem and click the piano icon. This brings up a ‘Playback’ option and menu.

7. Turn Playback ON and select your instrument. The instruments are all stock sounds from Captain Plugins.

8. Press play in the DAW with the Satellite Sessions window open and you will hear the MIDI clip played back with your chosen instrument.

9. Anyone in the Session can now download the MIDI clip into their own DAW. Simply grab an drag from the top-right corner of the stem. Drag to a MIDI channel in the DAW.From there, you can treat it like any other MIDI clip and use it to trigger any MIDI-enabled instruments.