How to Invite Guests.

Whether collaborating with one special someone, a band, or even an orchestra, inviting guests to your Session is super easy.

1. (You’ve probably done this already) Open your DAW, and open the Satellite Sessions plugin on a blank, new MIDI channel.

2. Create a Session. Name it, and set the key and scale.

3. (Optional) Add some audio or MIDI stems to Satellite Sessions. This prepares the playing field, so Satellite Sessions is stocked with audio and/or MIDI and ready for action. You can, of course, add this after your guests arrive, if you prefer.

4. Invite guests… it’s easy. Just click ‘Invite’ (Top-right corner, you can’t miss it).

5. You have 3 options:

Invite By Email.

Simply enter your collaborator’s email address and select their privilege level. Only Pro subscribers can be Co-Host, VIP+ and VIP. Anyone can be a Viewer. (Viewers can’t upload or download.)

They will receive an email invite with a download link for Satellite Plugins and a Session Invitation Code to join the session.

Make This Session Public.

Choose this to create a Session Invitation Code. Anyone with this code can view the session.

Chaos Mode.

There is a third option, within the Make This Session Public window: Chaos Mode. With Chaos Mode enabled, anyone with the Session Invitation Code can upload audio and MIDI.