Cross-platform collaboration within Ableton Live, Logic, FL Studio, Pro Tools, and other DAWs

Made with Love By Mixed In Key

Made in the United States and Europe by Musicians and developers that love and care about successful collaboration. Your music will be safe and secure.

Your Session, Your Way

Satellite Plugins stays in Sync with BPM, Time signature and even Sample Rate regardless of DAW and operating system.

Connect any DAW

You can be on Ableton Live (Win), your teammate can be on Pro Tools (Mac), and another teammate can be on FL Studio (Win), working from 3 different locations in the world. All 3 DAWs will be connected perfectly.

Fastest Way to Collaborate Inside Your DAW, Over the Internet

Create a Session

Regardless of what DAW you and your collaborators use, you can exchange ideas within your DAW. Without bouncing stems or dealing with file sharing websites.

Invite Collaborators and Work Together!

Guests can join your session for FREE. Work with them, exchange stems and make some great music together!

See how Satellite Plugins works for people like you

1. Collaborate Across DAWs. Across Platforms

You can connect any DAWs together, like Ableton Live, Apple Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, FL Studio, and more – So you and your friends can work together at the same time and make music as a team. The synchronization works like magic.

2. Collaborate with Friends All Over the World

Satellite Plugins bridges your DAWs, so you can all record music to the same session. Perform with musicians thousands of miles away or around the corner. The possibilities are endless.

3. Share MIDI

Use Satellite MIDI to share MIDI data with your collaborators. Anyone can download it into the Session, edit it and share it again, or use it to trigger new instruments.

4. No More Bouncing Stems

You won´t ever again need to send thousands of MB of stems to your collaboration partners. All you need to do is invite your friends to your Session and they can download the audio right there from your session. It´s super intuitive and fast.

5. Instant Collaboration

Once sessions are recorded you can download the audio to your DAW. You can even crop sections so you only download the parts you want to use. Then, make edits in your DAW and upload it again. Everyone in the session can hear the changes.

6. Backup your Projects

If you want to edit the session on one machine, and then resume from another, this is a really quick way to do it.

Designed for you to collaborate in any DAW, at any time, anywhere.