Why is Satellite Plugins Free?

Covid-19 is tough on everyone and we wanted to make collab easier and safer for musicians, so more music can still get made together. So, we decided to make a free version of Satellite Plugins for everyone to enjoy it.

Will we ever have to pay for Satellite Plugins?

We will have a permanent free tier with very few limitations. There will be a paid “Pro” level for Satellite eventually. But, if you want to help support what we are doing now, please buy Captain Plugins, Mixed In Key, or Mixed In Key Studio Edition from us – it helps us pay for development and server costs.

Mixed In Key

Harmonic mixing software used by legendary DJs and producers. Improve your file’s meta-data with the world’s best Key, Energy Level and Cue Point detection. It makes your DJ sets sound amazing.

Captain Plugins

A pioneering range of VST plugins for your DAW to help you write chords, basslines, melodies and drum parts. No musical theory necessary – you can audition, compose and edit thousands of patterns, phrases, chords and riffs in limitless ways inside your DAW.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition

Award-winning key detection for your DAW. Find the exact key of your samples. Detect the key in real-time. Available on Mac and Windows.