Watch how artists from all over the world use Satellite Sessions to collaborate on their projects

Gabe Miller Music Collaborates with King Chemist using Satellite Plugins

Satellite Plugins 2.0: The BEST Way to Collab for Music Producers

Satellite Plugins Workshop w/ Sara Simms from Mixed In Key

Sara Simms from Mixed In Key and Dan Giffin share step by step how to collaborate using Satellite Plugins for remote collaboration during this webinar.

L.Dre Collaborates with Over 30 Producers At Once Using Satellite Plugins

In this video I collaborated with a bunch of fans from all over the world live on twitch using Satellite Plugins by Mixed in Key!!

Slynk collaborates with Father Funk using Satellite Plugins

Today we take a look at the free VST plugin collection, Satellite Sessions, which enables people to collaborate on music production projects across any DAW. That’s right, if you’re using Ableton and your friend uses Logic or FL Studio, gone are the days of endlessly rendering things out to Dropbox. With Satellite Sessions you can quickly get cracking with a song. And the best part is, it’s totally free.

How To Collaborate With Other Artists (WORLDWIDE)

In this video LXGEND shows how to collaborate on GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro-Tools, FL Studio, and any other major DAW for music production using Satellite Sessions. LXGEND is in San Diego and collaborates with his super talented girlfriend Kelly who is in London. Super fun video to watch. Check it out!

Jessy Covets & JAQ collaborate on their song ┬┤Break Lights┬┤

Watch our friends Jessy and JAQ collaborate on their song Break Lights using our latest Satellite Sessions plugin.

50 miles apart: Aeon Musk makes a track in 1 hour with Satellite Sessions

UK-based Synthwave duo Aeon Musk put Satellite Sessions through its paces. Can they create a track from scratch, 50 miles apart, in Satellite Sessions? Watch the video to find out!