How to Add Tracks

Adding tracks to Satellite is super easy. Here’s what you do:


1. You may have done this already: Add “Satellite Sessions” (VST/AU Plugin) on a blank, new MIDI Instrument channel. This is your command hub, where you see your entire session including all the stems uploaded by you and your friends

2. Capture audio into Satellite by adding a “Satellite Audio” plugin as an audio effect to any channel in your DAW. This is how you upload your audio.

3. In Satellite Sessions, a new track will be created the moment you add Satellite Audio to a channel in your DAW. Satellite Audio is now bridged with Satellite Sessions.

4. Enable the Record icon in Satellite Sessions. It should be red. You are ready to record.

5. Press play in your DAW, or just hit “Spacebar”. Satellite Sessions will now record all activity in your Satellite Audio-enabled channel. Whether playing live, triggering a MIDI clip or simply playing pre-recorded audio or samples, Satellite Audio will capture the channel output.

6. Press Stop in your DAW to stop recording in Satellite Sessions.

7. That’s it! Anyone invited to your session will automatically receive the audio changes you made. They will hear it instantly.

8. You can minimize all the Satellite plugins and just continue working in your DAW. Anytime you make a change, it’ll be auto-captured and uploaded to your friends.