How to Delete Audio, MIDI and Tracks

Everyone makes mistakes, but you don’t want bad takes cluttering up your session. Here’s how to delete tracks and stems, and mute audio in Satellite Sessions.


To mute a track, it couldn’t be simpler. There’s a big ‘M’ button on each track. All you need to do is toggle it on/off for mute/unmute.

To mute an audio stem, select the audio by dragging the mouse over it. Then use Right-Click/Secondary Click to reveal the Mute/Delete option controls. Any selected audio will be muted when you press Mute.

Muting MIDI is easy. Simply disable the Playback option, and the MIDI will no longer make sound.

Note – Muting tracks only affects what YOU can hear, not other guests in the session.

Similarly, MIDI playback only affects what YOU can hear. Guests will need to enable/disable their own Playback device to hear/mute MIDI.

Deleting Stems and Tracks

Hosts, Co-Hosts & VIP+ collaborators have the power to delete any stems or tracks in the session.

VIP collaborators can delete any stem that you have uploaded yourself. You can also delete your own tracks.

Viewers can not upload or delete stems or tracks.

Deleting Stems.

1. Select the audio or MIDI stem you wish to delete by dragging the mouse over it.

2. All highlighted audio/MIDI can now be deleted.

3. Simply press Delete on your computer keyboard, or Right-Click/Secondary Click the highlighted audio to bring up the Delete button inside Satellite Sessions.

Deleting Tracks.

1. Ctrl-Click or Right-Click/Secondary Click the Stem Name inside Satellite Sessions.

2. TThe option to Delete is revealed. Select Delete and voila! The track is gone.