How to use Satellite to Mix and Master a Song

Have you ever tried to send a project file to a mix engineer, or arrange a 3rd party mix and master service? It can be a nightmare – incompatible plugins, DAW compatibility issues, sample rates that don’t match and stems that won’t line up properly.

Satellite Sessions makes the whole process simple, fast and hassle-free!

It also opens up new, more interactive ways of employing 3rd party engineers. For example, since both you and your 3rd-party engineer can access the same session at the same time, regardless of DAW or platform, you can arrange much more effective feedback and advice sessions. Because you can both listen to the same project at the same time, you can make instant changes and submit new versions to your engineer in no time. It’s a game-changer for collaboration in so many ways!

  • Add Satellite Sessions to your own DAW project.
  • Add Satellite Audio to all channels you want to share with an engineer. This includes bus and sub-mix channels.
  • Your mix/master engineer should now add Satellite Sessions to a new. Blank MIDI channel in their own DAW. They will be prompted to adjust sample rate and bpm to match your project, if necessary.
  • Then, they can relax as you send them your audio.
  • Press Play in your DAW, and all Satellite Audio-enabled tracks will simultaneously upload to Satellite Sessions. You’ll see the uploads happening in your Satellite Sessions plugin, and so will your engineer!
  • Once uploading is complete, your engineer can download them straight into their own DAW.
  • Simply grab and drag from the top-right han corner of each stem. They can pull it to any audio channel they wish, and repeat the process until every stem is in their DAW.
  • Now they have high-quality stems of your music to work their magic on!
  • Once they’ve finished, or want to send something back for feedback, they can simply add Satellite Audio to the corresponding audio channel, and press play.
  • You can then simply download it to your DAW.

  • There is no faster way of collaborating!