How to Export Audio to your DAW


When using Satellite Sessions, there are various points at which you might wish to drag audio from the Session back to your DAW. Exporting audio to your DAW is simple and intuitive:

Exporting audio to your DAW.

1. (You may have already done this) Open Satellite Sessions.

2. Once you and your collaborators have added audio stems, you will see each stem inside Satellite Sessions. Each one has an arrow at the top-right corner.

3. Click and hold the arrow, and the Satellite Sessions window will fade to reveal your DAW in full.

4. Drag the audio stem directly to whichever audio channel you wish to export it to. You can drag it to any position in the DAW project, and any audio channel.

5. The stem is still present in Satellite Sessions, and is now also exported to its new location.

6. You can now use the stem in your DAW project.

7. If you wish, you can edit it and re-upload it to Satellite Sessions. Follow the exact same steps as uploading any audio. (For help with that, go here).

Cropping audio in Satellite Sessions before exporting it to your DAW.

You can crop any stem before exporting it to your DAW.

1. In Satellite Sessions, Click and drag your mouse over any areas you wish to DELETE.

2. Once selected, and hit Delete on your computer keyboard. The selected area has been deleted.

3. Repeat this step if you need to crop any more audio.

4. Once you have the audio stem cropped as you want it, export it to the DAW by following the Exporting audio to your DAW instructions above.


Uploads in Satellite Sessions have expanded waveforms to help you see the audio stem in greater detail. This may not reflect the actual volume of the stem. For example, the waveform may appear smaller once exported to your DAW. This is a true reflection of the recording volume.