Workflow Guide

Satellite Sessions was designed to allow you to share and collaborate on any audio project, the ways you can use it are countless – but here are a few that we use;

The Producer

You’ve got a rough sketch of a track in your DAW; a beat with a few variations, some basslines, chords, pads, and a rough melody. You want to collaborate with a great singer you know and your friend that’s a keyboard master, so what do you do next?

  • Open up the Satellite Sessions as a midi instrument in the project that you want to collaborate on.
  • Add Satellite Audio plugins as effects on the channels you don’t want to change. In this example the Bass and Drums.
  • Add individual Satellite Audio plugins as effects on the channels you want replaced, in this example the melody, chords, and pads.
  • Press play at the beginning of your track and capture all the audio in your DAW.
  • Be sure to rename your stems either in the Satellite Audio plugins or by double clicking on the stem name in Satellite Sessions.
  • Invite your collaborators by clicking the “Invite” button in the top right of the plugin, then clicking “Copy Session Invitation”. You can paste the session invitation into any text or email. It includes a link to download Satellite Sessions in case your collaborator doesn’t have Satellite already installed.
  • Now’s the fun part, once your collaborator has added tracks, they’ll show up almost instantly within Satellite Session – and play along perfectly in-sync.
  • Download the audio to your DAW for further mixing by clicking and dragging on the Arrow in the top right of the Waveform.
  • Wash, Rinse and repeat till you’ve crafted your perfect masterpiece!