Cubase User Guide

Using Satellite Sessions in Cubase is super easy. Here is how to get started:

  • Download and install Satellite Sessions from
  • After installation is complete, restart Cubase.

  • Satellite Sessions will be in your VST Instruments folder.

    Satellite Audio will be in Effects.

  • Add Satellite Sessions to a new, blank Instrument channel.

  • Create New Session

  • Enter a name for the Session.
  • You will be prompted to enter the Key and Scale of your project. Leave blank if undecided.
  • Changes to the bpm or sample rate in your project will generate a Sync button in Satellite Sessions. Click ‘Sync’ to continue.
  • You are the Host of the session. Click ‘Invite’ to invite collaborators.

  • Join a Session

  • Enter the Session Invitation Code (provided by the session host) to access the Session.
  • Any pre-shared audio stems will be visible and audible in your Satellite Sessions plugin. Press play in Cubase to play the stems inside Satellite Sessions. They do not need to be downloaded to Cubase to be heard, and only you can hear what you are listening to.
  • If you wish, download any stems in the Session to your Cubase project by dragging the top-right corner of each stem to a spare audio channel. (You can do this any time)

  • Session Dashboard

  • Access and load your previous sessions here.
  • Access your invitation history.

  • Capturing Audio

  • Add Satellite Audio to any channel you wish to share. This includes VST Instrument channels, External Instrument channels, Aux and Bus channels, and Send/Return FX channels.
  • Satellite Audio can be placed after a Software or External Instrument, or as an insert Audio Unit on an Audio channel, anywhere in the insert chain.

  • PRO TIP: Satellite Audio captures any audio up to the point in the insert chain that Satellite Audio is located. That means it will capture the audio after processing by compressors, EQs, effect plugins etc if Satellite Audio is placed after such plugins. To capture the dry signal, place Satellite Audio before any processing plugins.

    PRO TIP: Satellite Audio auto-names channels Stem 1, Stem 2 etc. Rename each channel as you go, so you know which channel is which in Satellite Sessions.

  • Press play in Cubase
  • Any Satellite Audio-enabled channel will now capture and upload their audio direct to Satellite Sessions in sync with Cubase’s playhead.
  • You can trigger Software Instruments, or audio samples, or play External Instruments live into your Satellite Audio-enabled channel(s).

  • Sharing Audio

  • Anyone in your Session can now listen to, or download, all stems in the Session.

  • Cubase Troubleshooting/FAQ

    My plugins are not showing up in Cubase. Please ensure you are looking in the correct locations. Satellite Sessions is in VST Instruments, while Satelite Audio is in Effects. You can sort these folders by vendor and look for the Mixed In Key folder, or if sorted by Category, they will be in alphabetical order.