How to change sample rate in Logic

When joining a Session, you’ll need to ensure your own DAW project settings match the Host’s. That means, if your BPM, Meter or Sample Rate are different to the Host’s, you’ll need to change them in order to join the Session.

You probably know how to change these settings in your DAW, and it’s usually very simple. But, if you get a notification that your sample rate doesn’t match up with the Host’s, and you aren’t sure how to change it, we’re here to help.

Here’s how to do it in Logic Pro X:

1. In Logic, go to File > Project Settings > Audio

2. Open the Sample Rate pop-up menu

3. Select the sample rate of your Host’s Session. (Satellite Sessions tells you what this is, so just make yours the same.)

4. You have aligned your sample rate. Great work!