How to Access your own Session from two DAWs

Many producers enjoy using more than one DAW – or Digital Audio Workstation. Some are better at MIDI routing than others, or warping audio. Or, one DAW might be awesome for making beats but less effective when it comes to integrating certain software. Whatever your reasoning, if you use 2 DAWs you can easily work on the same project without rendering stems or clogging up your Hard Drive. Satellite Sessions makes it simple, fast and fluid.

  • Open DAW 1 and work on your project.
  • When you’re ready to start sharing audio between DAWs, add Satellite Sessions to a new, dedicated MIDI Instrument channel.
  • Add Satellite Audio to all channels you wish to upload to the Session.
  • Press play in your DAW, and all Capture-enabled channels will simultaneously capture audio.
  • Press Stop in your DAW to cease recording.
  • All shared audio will be available in both DAWs once uploaded

  • PRO TIP: Let the track play out a while before ceasing Capture. This will ensure you record audio tails, reverb, delays and other fade-outs.

  • Now close DAW 1 and open DAW 2.
  • Add Satellite Sessions to a new, dedicated MIDI channel. Satellite Sessions will instruct you to ensure your DAW 2 project is running at the same sample rate and BPM as DAW 1.

  • Now you have options.

    a) With Satellite Sessions open, you can listen to everything created in DAW 1 without downloading it to DAW 2 directly. So, you can now add new audio recordings

    b) Download audio from DAW 1 into DAW 2 to finish the track. You can pull the audio you recorded in DAW 1’s Satellite Sessions directly to audio channels in DAW 2 and continue working in DAW 2.

    Option A

  • In DAW 2, open Satellite Sessions, and press play in your DAW. You will be able to hear everything that you already recorded in DAW 1 as long as Satellite Sessions is open.
  • You can mute, adjust volume or delete channels in Satellite Sessions if you wish.
  • Create additional recordings by adding Satellite Audio to channels in DAW 2. These will be capture-enabled by default. Simply play your new audio in DAW 2 and it will be captured by Satellite Sessions.
  • Whether in DAW 1 or DAW 2, you will be able to hear all the audio recorded in both DAWs!

  • Option B

  • Create new audio channels in DAW 2 for each stem you wish to download from Satellite Sessions.
  • Click the arrow at the top-right of each stem, and drag to an audio channel in DAW 2.
  • It will download into DAW 2 for further work.
  • Repeat for all required stems.

  • PRO TIP: Satellite Sessions automatically aligns with your DAW’s playhead marker. That means it will capture audio from any point in your DAW. Simply press play at the appropriate point in your DAW to start capture. As a result, you can capture audio at any point in the project you desire – you don;t have to start at 1:1 and wait for the desired record point.