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Previous Winners in 2018

Mau Montekio won our contest in 2018 with “LoveBlind”, a track written in a 3/4 time signature that combines Waltz, Acoustic, Pop and Electronic music. Read the interview to learn about his approach to making music.

Mayday Made It won the most crazy prize in 2018 with “Gimme One More Time”. He brought back a very old genre, and gave it a fresh take by combinbing it with modern production techniques. Read the interview to learn about Mayday.

2018 Finalists

The following artists made it to the Top 20 in 2018

Sick Steen – Wicked Ways
Rap / Country Sick Steen Interview

DJ Lag + Epic B – Going Modd
FDM + Gqom Epic B Interview

AudioJunkie – Overdrive
Synth Pop + Big Band AudioJunkie Interview

Color Fusión – Souls
Bossa Nova + Trap

Tenka & R3VXS – Anket
World Music + Trap Tenka Interview

Sohma – Emerald Valley
Melodic Trance + Future Bass Sohma Interview

LukPatel – Brahma
Bollywood + Moombahton LukPatel Interview

Chase Caffey – How To Say
Future Bass + Pop Chase Caffey Interview

Nimbala – BDSM
House + Garage

Mauricio Castañeda – Sedduction
Latin R&B + Trap Mauricio Castañeda Interview

Milco B – Smile
Guitar + Electro House Milco B Interview

Tony Jaxx
Pop + Cumbia Tony Jaxx Interview

Of Jenny Creek – LBDP
Bluegrass + Dubstep Of Jenny Creek Interview