Q – Why can’t I see my plugins in my DAW?

A – Captain Plugin only supports 64-bit hosts on Mac. So, if your DAW is 32-bit, you won’t be able to see the plugins. On Windows, we support both 32 and 64-bit hosts. However, your DAW may not support 32-bit plugins.

Some DAWs including Studio One Four and Cubase may require your Antivirus to be disabled before installing Captain Plugins. This will prevent them from being blacklisted.

Q – My DAW is 64-bit and I still can’t locate the plugins. What should I do?

A – Rescan your plugins folder in your DAW*. This is usually achieved by reboting your DAW, or selecting Rescan plugins in your DAW preferences.

*Ableton users: If you cannot find your plugins, they may be in the wrong location.

Mac users with Ableton.

After installing Captain Plugins to your computer:

  • Go to Ableton > Preferences > File/Folder (this pane is called ‘Plugins’ in 10.1 and higher)
  • Check the boxes marked “Use Audio Units” AND “Use Plug-In-System Folders” (10.1 and higher, check the box marked “Use VST2 Plug-In-System Folders”
  • Then click the button above marked “Rescan Audio Units”
  • Close Ableton and re-open

(Ableton 9 & 10 (up to 10.0) displays preferences differently to 10.1 and higher:

Ableton 10 Prefs

(Ableton 10.1 and higher):


Windows users with Ableton

After installing Captain Plugins to your computer:

  • Go to Ableton > Preferences > Plugins
  • Check the boxes marked “Use VST2 Plug-in Systems Folder”
  • Set folder path to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTplugins (this is the default installation location for Captain Plugins on Windows)
  • Then click “Rescan”
  • Close Ableton and re-open

If you still can’t see them, please email contact@mixedinkey.com and our customer service staff will help you troubleshoot this further.

Q – Why are my plugins out of sync with each other or not loaded in Logic Pro X?

A – Logic introduced dynamic plug-in loading in Logic Pro X 10.4.5, which disables plugins it thinks are not in use. Any software instrument tracks that do not contain MIDI regions are at risk of not loading automatically. We highly recommend disabling this setting on a per project basis by opening File > Project Settings > General, then deselect “Only load plug-ins needed for project playback.” In addition, you can simply select the track to load the plugins.

Q – Why can’t I see the sounds tab in my plugin?

A – If you are using your plugin in MIDI FX mode, you will not be able to see the sounds tab because is designed to route MIDI to your favorite VST synths. You should be able to see the sounds tab option in the VST and/or AU version.

In rare cases, the sound bank may have failed to fully download, so re-downloading the latest version from https://www.mixedinkey.com/captain-plugins/download and re-installing may be required.

Q – How many computers can I install Captain Plugins on?

A – We allow you to install Captain Plugins on multiple computers with the purchase of one license provided they are your own personal computers. You can use your original download link and activation code on up to 3 computers.

Q – How do I recover my download link for Captain Plugins?

A – You can download the latest build at https://www.mixedinkey.com/captain-plugins/download

Q – How are Captain Plugins different from Odesi?

A – Odesi is self-contained composition package for when you want to work on music outside of your DAW, a sketch pad to help get your ideas flowing. Captain Plugins are designed be used inside your DAW only, and can be used in the composition and production of a whole track

Q – Does it require an internet connection?

Yes. Captain Plugins and Odesi require an internet connection. We use cloud-tech for functionality, security and sending out faster bug fixes.

Q – Does it work on other DAWs other than Ableton and Logic?

A – For a complete listing of compatible DAWs click here.

Q – Why doesn’t Captain Melody 3.0 auto-generate notes like it did in earlier versions?

A – We gave Captain Melody a radical overhaul. We redesigned almost every single aspect, to give you the greatest degree of control and customization. The preset patterns have been replaced by a much more powerful, multi-faceted tool for the creation of unique, exciting melodies. Captain Melody 3.0 is a deeper, more complex tool than earlier versions. We highly recommend watching the tutorials so you understand the controls better.

Q – Where are the old preset rhythms from Melody 1?

A – These can be accessed in the Brush Tool options. Click the Custom button to reveal the Melody rhythm presets from earlier versions.



Officially supported.
Ableton Live 9, 10 Ableton Live 9, 10
FL Studio 20 FL Studio 20
Logic Pro X
Not officially supported, but appears stable.
Reaper 5 Reaper 5
Bitwig Studio 2 Bitwig Studio 2
Digital Performer 10 Digital Performer 10
Pro Tools* 12 Pro Tools* 12
Reason* 10 Reason* 10
Maschine* 2 Maschine* 2
Cubase 9,10 Cubase 9,10
Studio One 4 Studio One 4

*Midi Routing may not work. BlueCat Audio Patchwork may be needed in some instances.

Using Captain Plugins on a different DAW? We would love to hear from you. Please email contact@mixedinkey.com and let us know your thoughts on it.

Buy with confidence. We give you a 30-day money-back guarantee with every purchase.