How to collaborate inside your DAW.

Satellite Sessions gives you the power to collaborate with the world… from inside your own DAW!

Satellite Sessions is the new must-have product from Mixed In Key. It’s a game-changing new way to work together. Regardless of DAW or platform, you can now collaborate with any musician, anywhere.

It’s super easy to get started and works seamlessly with Captain Plugins (and all your favorite VST Plugins). Simply add Satelite Sessions as a VST Instrument, then add Satellite Audio to any channel you wish to share in your collaboration.

We created tutorial videos to give a deeper understanding of everything you need to know about using Satellite Sessions in your DAW. You can access the videos from the below playlist.

Get your Satellite Sessions today.

Download your Satellite Sessions, and access our in-depth How-to guide at

lightbulb_outline No more exporting and importing large files lightbulb_outline Line up audio perfectly… in everyone’s DAW! lightbulb_outline Connect with musicians and artists in real-time lightbulb_outline Sample-rate and BPM are always in sync! lightbulb_outline Works with any VST plugins, any hardware, any DAW, any platform!