Platinum Notes 10

Improve your entire music collection, and make every file sound great.

Platinum Notes 10

Audio Improvement For Your Music Collection, With One-click.

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Crafted for Perfectionists

Ultimate Audio Enhancer

Harmonize Your Music Collection

Make Your Music Sound Consistent

Add your files to Platinum Notes and it will process them with highest-quality audio filters to improve their volume. Every song will sound like it came from the same mastering engineer.

Digital Download

Compatible with Windows and Mac, including the new Apple Silicon chips

Apple Silicon

Available now for Windows and MacOS

Audio Volume

Improve Your Volume

Tracks created by different producers will have different loudness. Platinum Notes standardizes volume across your entire music library. It helps you sound like you have a mastering engineer who takes your DJ sets and applies mastering to them every time you play.

Clipped Peaks

Fix Clipped Peaks

Even high-quality tracks can have imperfections. Platinum Notes fixes clipped peaks and heightens the contrast between quiet and loud sections.

Beatport Test

Works On Beatport Files

To test it, we took 100 files purchased from Beatport. Platinum Notes fixed 1.1 million clipped peaks, changed 373 decibels of volume, and improved contrast for 100 tracks. People think that Beatport files are perfect, but they came from different labels and different people. The best way to standardize your music library is with Platinum Notes.

Works with all major audio formats:

MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, OGG, FLAC

Designed For:
PioneerDJ Rekordbox
Virtual DJ
DJ Studio
Mixed In Key

Once you process your music, your other DJ software will sound even better.

Closeup of music studio with Platinum Notes
Pete Tong
Legendary BBC Radio 1 Presenter and DJ

Pete Tong

“Platinum Notes is a wonderful way to improve your music files before you play them out. It's great for DJs“ 

Natalia Moon
DJ and Producer

Natalia Moon

“Platinum Notes is constantly transforming. Having all your tracks at a perfect level and quality for any event is key. I love the constant updates to cater to their clients. A definite must-have software for all DJs.”

Markus Schulz
Producer, DJ and Radio Show Host

Markus Schulz

“This is great for making quiet tracks louder. I highly recommend it!”

Jessy Covets
Artist, Producer and Singer

Jessy Covets

“Everyone has quiet and loud songs in their collection. This software makes them fit together in a DJ set.”

Markus Schulz
DJ, Chicago Cubs & Chicago Blackhawks

Steve Smooth

“Platinum Notes is an indispensable asset for any Professional Sports Stadium DJ. Ensuring all your tracks, spanning various genres and eras, are seamlessly leveled and loud is crucial. This tool is essential for DJs who curate a diverse musical experience, making it a must-have in their arsenal!”

Hear The Results

Audio Examples

Universal Preset

Official Preset

This is great for Hi-Fi enthusiasts, producers and DJs who listen to music at home and in the club.

Festival Preset

Festival Preset

Festival is designed for DJs. This template is great for night clubs, festivals and large venues.

Big Boost Preset

The Big Boost

Beatport popularized really loud songs. This preset is great for music that sounds like Beatport tracks.

Easy To Use

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