How to: Captain Plugins


Captain Plugins by Mixed In Key presents a unique and intuitive way to aid music composition. There is a plethora of plugins on the market designed to create or effect sounds within your digital audio workstation (DAW). However, until recently the availability of music composition plugins to assist in this area have been limited. Music theory is a complex and often ‘mind boggling’ science, and with so many other aspects to consider when producing music, it can often be an area of knowledge which is overlooked. Luckily, for those who are not classically trained in music theory, Captain Plugins offer an intuitive and fun way to produce stunning chord progressions, basslines and melodies; while increasing your workflow, allowing you to spend more time on what matters most, making music.

To extract the most from Captain Plugins, we recommend reading this ‘How To’ guide in full, taking note of the tips, best practices and reading the FAQs.