How to: Captain Plugins


Captain Plugins, by Mixed In Key, are a suite of plugins for your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that assist with all aspects of music composition. The suite is comprised of the following plugins:

Each plugin addresses a specific area of the composition process; chord composition, melody-writing, bass-lines, and drum beat programming. In addition, Captain Play offers a unique and pioneering workflow for real-time jamming with your MIDI or computer keyboard.

Whether you are a complete novice in music theory, or a classically-trained musician, Captain Plugins can help you write better music, faster. By simplifying the writing process, with intelligently suggested chord palettes and AI generated melody and rhythm suggestions, new and original ideas come together in seconds.

To extract the most from Captain Plugins, we recommend reading this ‘How To’ guide in full, taking note of the tips, best practices and reading the FAQs.