Captain Deep

Captain Deep is designed to integrate with Captain Chords to create bass-lines which complement the chord progressions created in Captain Chords. As such, Captain Deep should be opened while there is an instance of Captain Chords connected in your DAW.

Opening Captain Deep in your DAW

  • For opening Captain Deep in your DAW go to section A-1

Connecting to Captain Chords

  • Choose option to ‘CONNECT’ to Captain Chords. Connecting to Chords

Captain Deep is designed to follow the chord progression created in Captain Chords for each individual tab, ‘VERSE’, ‘PRE CHORUS’, ‘CHORUS’ or ‘DROP’.

Song segment tabs
  • By selecting the appropriate tab in either Captain Chords or Captain Deep the other plugin will mirror this action.

Jamming live with Captain Play

Similar to Captain Chords, Captain Deep can also be played live and recorded using the Captain Play tab. [For full details on Captain Play go to section A-6]

  • Use keys A – J to trigger individual notes (pitches) within your chosen key & scale.
  • Keys above and below row A – J will trigger the notes an octave above or below.
  • Bracket keys [ ] will move the four octave range up or down.
Computer keyboard

Octave, shape and rhythm

When working inside tabs ‘VERSE’, ‘PRE CHORUS’, ‘CHORUS’ or ‘DROP’, the octave, shape and rhythm can be modified to taste.

Octave, Shape, and Rhythm dropdowns
  • ‘OCTAVE’ – Use the arrow keys to select the desired octave between 1st & 7th.
  • ‘SHAPE’ – Shape allows control over the progression of the bassline relative to the chords being triggered in Captain Chords. ‘FOLLOW THE CHORDS’ will force Captain Deep to play the bass-notes of each chord played in Captain Chords. ‘OPPOSITE MOVEMENT’ will force Captain Deep to play an alternative bassline progression based other notes within each chord and the key & scale. ‘MINIMUM ADJUSTMENT NECESSARY’ will play the bassline using only small leaps and minimal changes of note. ‘DON’T CHANGE MELODY’ Captain Deep will play only the root note of the key with no changes throughout the progression.
  • ‘RHYTHM’ – Similar to Captain Chords, Captain Deep also has numerous ‘RHYTHM’ presets to choose from. [For more details see section A-3]

Sound presets and effects

  • Similar to Captain Chords, Captain Deep also has numerous sound presets and effects to choose from. [See section A-4 for full details]

Using bassline with 3rd party instruments

  • Similar to Captain Chords, Captain Deep can also use the generated MIDI to allow the sound source to come from a 3rd party soft-synth, or external hardware instrument. [See section A-12 for full details]

Using the MIDI Input tab

You can use Captain Plugins’ on-board sound pallette as a soft-synth by using the MIDI Input tab. Incoming MIDI signals, whether from a MIDI clip or keyboard, will trigger Captain Plugins’ sounds. You can choose the sound, adjust FX, volume and filter. However you cannot use Captain Plugins’ core functionality.