How Cue Points can improve your DJing.

MIK 10 Cue Points Hero

Many top DJs rely on flipping between important mix points quickly to help their sets sound pro. Find out how Cue Points can improve your DJing!

What are Cue Points?

They mark different parts of your song, and help you locate the parts that you want to play. When placed correctly, they can help you find the best transition points or biggest moments within your tracks. They help you come up with faster, more creative mixes. and jump between sections or skip past long intros.

Wait, did you say Automatic?

Most DJ software supports up to 8 cue points per track, but you have to set them manually. Fortunately for you, Mixed In Key will detect the best points in all your audio files, and set the cues automatically, so you don’t have to do everything by hand. They “snap” to the beatgrid, so they will always be on beat.

How do Cue Points help you DJ better?

Many DJs know the drudge of spending hours pre-gig, manually setting cue points for each song. They do this because they know how much control this gives them over their DJ sets. They can easily load up to 8 cues to pads or buttons. In many DJ softwares, you can even use your computer keyboard. Havng hands-on control of the transition points and most exciting parts of your songs, you can create unique and inspiring mixes on the fly. But don’t take our word for it. Watch DJ Puffy perform an insane mix routine using cue points to trigger the best parts in dozens of songs!

Here’s how we display them in Mixed In Key 10.

MIK 10 Cue Points 2

You can edit them and move them to different parts of the track if you wish. But our advanced, patented algorithm usually gets it right.

Get Mixed In Key 10 today.

Improve your DJ Mixing by adding up to 8 automatic Cue Points per track. Mixed In Key 10 also gives you industry-standard key detection, rates your tracks by Energy Level, and offers a comprehensive metadata management system. Unlock the secret of the pros.

About the author:

Adam Hignell is a music producer, mastering engineer, DJ and label-owner based in Brighton, UK. When not providing content and tech support for Mixed In Key, he produces music under the alias Don Dayglow, provides professional mastering and mixing services, and runs the independent Disco/House label Particle Zoo.