Introducing DJ.Studio

Our friends at DJ.Studio built this amazing DAW for DJ mixing and we’re happy to introduce it to you. ⁠Create flawless DJ mixes on your laptop in record time using our timeline-based editor. Customize your transitions and experiment with effects to level up your mix.

Introducing DJ.Studio

Our friends at DJ.Studio built this amazing software for DJs and we’re happy to introduce it to you. Craft incredible playlists using AI-driven harmonic intelligence. Effortlessly drag, drop, and automix.

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Inspiring way to create DJ mixes

Connect to your music library, automix your playlist, focus on your transitions, and voila, you are ready to export to your favorite platform.

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9/10 star review

DJ Mag

"DJ.Studio brings production style workflows to DJs."

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SVP of Creator Services

Rik Parkinson

"The DJ industry has traditionally prioritized the DJ over the producer. However, DJ.Studio seamlessly integrates both realms, where you can effortlessly access the complete Beatport and Beatsource catalog, empowering you to fine-tune, trim, shift, and curate the ideal mix."

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Integration partner

Mixed In Key

“We’ve waited years for a tool like this and it keeps getting better every week. This is the fastest way to make an amazing DJ mix!”

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Laidback Luke

"You just hit automix and BOOM ... Usually, I would drag every single track in, look at each transition, then make the transition, but with DJ.Studio automix, it's already there!"

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Canadian music production and DJ duo


"As an artist that runs a radio show, guest mixes, and spends endless amounts of time preparing our sets we cannot stress how much time using DJ.Studio has saved us. This is a game changer."

Ways to use DJ.Studio

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Create radio shows fast

Specifically designed to craft studio-quality DJ mixes and radio shows in 1/3 of the time without the need for live recording.

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Edit your DJ mixes

Unlike anything else on the market, DJ.Studio lets you craft your signature sound with advanced transitions automations, and effects.

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Prepare your live DJ sets

Get harmonically-ordered playlists within 30 seconds, then test seamless transitions to use in your live performances.

DAW for DJ Mixing

DJ.Studio Workflow
sample tracklist with camelot key analysis and track order recommendation from dj studio

Automix your playlist

Utilizing the principles of the Camelot Wheel by Mixed In Key, the DJ.Studio algorithm will analyze your playlist and recommend the ideal mixing order. It even suggests tracks to solve harmonic incompatibilities, giving you more time to craft your transitions.

transition preset examples

Build creative transitions

Combine multiple transition presets and effects to make your mix unique. Create any transition you can imagine without being limited to two hands. Swap, crossfade, or add manual effects by adding your automation points. Or add effects like loop, reverb or echo.

logo collection of places your mix can be exported and shared. DJ set, MP3 and wav, M-XCloud, YouTube, Ableton Live

Share your mix with the world

Share your mix to a broad range of locations and formats - making it easy for you to connect with your audience. Export from humble MP3 to 4K video, or full fledged Ableton Live sets. Upload to YouTube including great visualizations or to Mixcloud including your tracklist. ⁠ DJ.Studio got you covered.

Mixed In Key Integration

Save time and achieve flawless mixes with our Camelot Wheel inspired harmonic matching and tempo-based ordering. Your DJ mixes will always sound perfect.

depiction of how MIK integrates with DJ studio
  • Your tracks are immediately available for crafting the perfect playlist, thanks to our effortless integration.
  • Automix your tracks based on Key Matching, BPM, and Energy.
  • Access your Mixed In Key music library instantly!
  • Export your mix directly to Mixcloud, YouTube, your hard drive, or as an Ableton Live session for more tweaking.
  • Implement the best transitions to blend your tracks.
  • Having a Mixed In Key VIP code gives you access to extra features within DJ.Studio!

Perfect for Mixed In Key 10 users

With DJ.Studio and Mixed In Key you get the best Key Detection in the world built into the perfect DAW for DJ mixes. From Bedroom DJ to Stage Sensation. It's time to enter the studio.

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