Introducing DJ.Studio

Our friends at DJ.Studio built this amazing software for DJs and we’re happy to introduce it to you.
Craft incredible playlists using AI-driven harmonic intelligence. Effortlessly drag, drop, and automix. Connects with music in Mixed In Key, Rekordbox, Serato, Apple Music, Virtual DJ, Engine DJ, and YouTube.
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Automix Magic

Save time and achieve flawless mixes with our Camelot Wheel inspired harmonic matching and tempo-based ordering. Your DJ mixes will always sound perfect.
  • Your tracks with the correct Key Result, Energy Level and Cue Points are all available within DJ. Studio.
  • Add your VIP code to DJ.Studio to get a free month.
  • Having a Mixed In Key VIP code gives you access to extra features within DJ. Studio!
  • Automix arranges your tracks into an amazing playlist that uses harmonic mixing.
  • Crossfades are completely customizable with a wide selection of effects and filters
  • Export your mix directly to Mixcloud, YouTube your hard drive or as an Ableton Live session for more tweaking.
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Seamless Integration with Mixed In Key 10

  • Your tracks are immediately available for crafting the perfect playlist, thanks to our effortless integration.
  • Automix your tracks based on Key Matching, BPM and Energy.
  • Access your Mixed In Key music library instantly!

Why you need DJ.Studio

Next Level Harmonic Mixing

Create harmonic sounding mixes following the Camelot wheel of Mixed In Key resulting in awesome transitions.

Create Studio DJ mixes fast

Craft studio-quality radio shows and podcasts without the need for live recording. Unlock the power to produce polished mixes quickly.

Your Ultimate DJ Mix DAW

Unleash your mixing potential. Organize playlists harmonically, infuse artistic finesse into transitions, and export high-quality masterpiece.

Prepare your live DJ sets

Optimize your playlist within 30 seconds and experiment with seamless transitions.

Get One Month of DJ.Studio for FREE with Mixed In Key