Sync the World’s Best Key Detection DJ Software with Ableton Live

Mixed In Key – the world’s top DJ’s favorite key detection tool – can be integrated in Ableton Live in seconds. Use Mixed In Key data to analyze the key of your music and samples. You can also prep your vocals for Autotune and other pitch-correction plug-ins. Mixed In Key is used in numerous music studios as a useful tool for music production. Mixed In Key is compatible with all versions of Ableton Live.

A Powerful Addition to Ableton Live

Instantly sync Mixed In Key’s award-winning key detection software to Ableton Live. Use our DJ software to see the key of your samples and tracks and use that data to make your productions pop. Mixed In Key works great for harmonic mixing.

Quick Key Detection

For more than a decade, we’ve refined our key detection algorithm. The result: Mixed In Key provides the industry’s most accurate key data. That’s why the world’s top DJs love us. Use our key results in Ableton Live to remix songs live, create flowing transitions and build pitch-perfect DJ sets.

Make Mashups that Sound Incredible

Mashups work great when 2 or more tracks are harmonically compatible. Adding Mixed In Key’s results to Ableton Live gives you the key of every track or sample in your library. Use that data to create epic mashups that sound in sync and like brand new singles.

Find Samples that Match Your Production

Sort your samples by key and drop perfect samples into your existing productions. With Mixed In Key in Ableton Live, all that important key data is at your fingertips.

Sort and Clean Up Your Playlists In Minutes

Better organize your music with Mixed In Key’s new “Tags” window. You’ll be able to clean up your ID3 tags, batch-remove and un-clutter comments, and make your playlists look perfect in minutes. Drag-and-drop those files into your Ableton Live session, or just export them to disk and find them in your Live browser.

The best plugin for your DJing and Music Production

More than 10 years ago, Mixed In Key made harmonic mixing accessible to the masses. You’ll have the industry-best harmonic mixing tool in Ableton Live. Plus, Mixed In Key works for all types of advanced DJ techniques:

Harmonic mixing guide