Add the Industry’s Best Key Detection Software & Precision Cue Points for RekordBox.


The world’s top DJs use Mixed In Key 10. It integrates seamlessly with RekordBox to give you everything you need to perform better RekordBox DJ sets. Mixed In Key 10 boasts the world’s most advanced key detection algorithm, which helps ensure your mixes are harmonically flawless. By using more accurate key detection, you can execute perfect mixes and be more confident in your playlists. The world’s best key detection DJ software puts more accurate data at your fingertips.

Mixed In Key Makes Rekordbox Better.

Mixed In Key 10 replaces Rekordbox’s existing key detection with results that are scientifically proven to be significantly more accurate. Greater accuracy means you’ll know exactly how well any tracks in your collection will mix together. You can use harmonic mixing techniques to create amazing RekordBox DJ mixes and dazzle your audience.

New in Mixed In Key 10: Automatic Cue Points for RekordBox.

RekordBox DJ Cue Points Action MIK10

Mixed In Key 10 adds up to 8 automatic cue points per track and exports them straight into RekordBox. Our advanced algorithm analyses your music files and locates the transition points – Intros, Outros, Breakdowns, Drops and Bridges – and adds a cue point so you can mix more creatively, faster. You can edit, move and re-arrange cue points with ease and export them to RekordBox in seconds.

The World’s Best Key Detection.

Camelot Wheel Cm block

We worked with data scientists from the UK, Switzerland and the US to give Mixed In Key 10 the most accurate key detection the world has ever seen. These results are then given a Camelot Wheel score, making it super simple to harness complex music theory and ensure your tracks sound amazing together.

It’s so accurate that the world’s top DJs trust us to ensure their mixes are harmonically perfect.

Perfectly tune your RekordBox DJ sets with Mixed In Key 10.

Energy Level Ratings for Every Track.

Mixed In Key 10 analyses every track and assigns it an Energy Level rating. The higher the rating, the more high-octane the music. Sort music in your Rekordbox playlists by Energy Level, or cross-reference Energy Level with Key data. Not only will your RekordBox DJ mixes be harmonicaly perfect, you’ll take the crowd on a journey with the right energy throughout.

Smarter Playlists and Cleaner Tags.

RB DJ Metadata

Mixed In Key 10 allows you to clean up your ID3 tags, batch-remove junk comments, and create professional playlists.

DJ Software for Every DJ Technique

Since Mixed In Key’s launch 15+ years ago, DJs around the world have used it for harmonic mixing. That’s just one of many possibilities. You can use Mixed In Key for a range of advanced DJ techniques:

“I’ve been using harmonic mixing for many years, but I had to find the keys with a keyboard. Mixed In Key is as good, in less time. Magic!” – David Guetta

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Unlock the secret of the pros. Get Mixed In Key 10 for precision Cue Points, superior Key and Energy Level data in Rekordbox.

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