Beat Jumping with Cue Points: Official Tutorial for DJs

Cue Points mark different parts of your song, and help you locate the parts that you want to play. They are like little flags that say “Here’s an interesting part at 30 seconds, and another one at 1 minute.”

Most DJ software supports up to 8 cue points per track, but you have to set them manually. Fortunately for you, Mixed In Key will detect the best cue points and set them automatically, so you don’t have to do everything by hand. Our cue points “snap” to the beatgrid, so they will always be on beat.

We invented this technology, got a patent on it, and enabled all Mixed In Key fans to use it. It’s a huge time-saver for everyone.

Watch the video

Our friend Daniel Kim will explain how to set Cue Points in your Mixed In Key software:

Enjoy your new RekordBox, Serato and Traktor cue points

Use them to beat-jump ahead in the track, and sample the parts you want to play. Mixed In Key will prep your music for your DJ sets, so all you have to do is load your RekordBox, Serato or Traktor and you’re ready to go.

Learn how to use Cue Points for Power Block mixing

Our cue points are super-useful for a powerful DJ technique called Power-Block mixing. It’s getting more famous now because many of the world’s top DJs are using it constantly. Learn Power Block mixing here.

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