Add the Best Cue Point and Key Detection DJ Software to Traktor

Link Mixed In Key – a favorite tool of the world’s top DJs – with Traktor in seconds. Use Mixed In Key data to analyze the key of Stems and tracks, find cue points for seamless electronic mixes, and use energy level data to keep the crowd jumping. Mixed In Key is compatible with all versions of Traktor

A Powerful Tool for Traktor DJs

Mixed In Key replaces and enriches Traktor’s existing key detection, and adds new data to your Traktor library, including energy level, auto cue points, Stems and track keys. Use Mixed In Key in Traktor for:

Auto Cue Points

Mixed In Key generates up to 8 cue points within a single track. Use these cue points to drop tracks into your mixes for maximum impact. See cue points for downbeats, verses, choruses, melodies, etc right on Traktor’s beatgrid. Beat jump between cues, mix in at specific cue points and give your transitions maximum flow.

More Accurate Key Detection

Mixed In Key’s key detection algorithm has been fine-tuned over 10+ years. That means you get best-in-class key results in your Traktor library. Top DJs love us for our accurate results. Use Mixed In Key data to remix tracks live, analyze Stems, and make harmonically-perfect mixes.

See the Energy Level for Every Track

Mixed In Key adds an Energy Level ratings for every track in your library. Sort Traktor library according to energy level and drop songs live that perfectly match the crowd’s energy level.

Organize and Clean Up Playlists

Mixed In Key’s new “Tags” window helps you better sort your music. Use Mixed In Key to remove clutter from your ID3 tags and batch-remove useless comments. Your playlists will look perfect in minutes.

A DJ Software for Every Technique

Mixed In Key made harmonic mixing accessible every DJ more than a decade ago. That means you’ll add the industry’s best harmonic mixing tool to Traktor. In addition to harmonic mixing, Mixed In Key works for every advanced DJ technique:

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