Add the World’s Best Key Detection and Energy Level software to Serato DJ.

Mixed In Key – the industry’s top key detection DJ software – syncs with Serato instantly. Mixed In Key puts data not available in Serato — including Energy Level and custom cue points — at your fingertips. Sort your music faster. Mixed In Key is compatible with all versions of Serato DJ.

The Ultimate Serato Companion

Mixed In Key replaces Serato’s built-in key detection and provides accurate info about your music in minutes. This data is then available in your Serato library. Use Mixed In Key for professional harmonic mixing.

Accurate Key Detection for Harmonic Mixing

We’ve fine-tuned our key detection software for 10+ years, and that means the most accurate key data in your Serato library. The world’s top DJs love us. Use Mixed In Key and know your music is properly organized by key and use it for live remixing, seamless transitions and perfectly tuned DJ sets.

Useful Energy Level Data

See the Energy Level rating for all your tracks and sort your Serato crates by Energy Level. You won’t find this data in Serato until you install Mixed In Key. Each track is rated on a 1 to 10 scale. Find songs in your music collection that match the crowd’s energy in the moment, whether it’s an opening DJ set, prime-time or Open Format.

Automated Cue Point Analysis

Mixed In Key auto detects up to 8 cue points for each track. Use this data to find the best places to start mixing in new tracks. You’ll see your downbeats, choruses, verses and bridges snapped onto the Serato beatgrid. Then, use Serato’s Beat Jump function to mix into those sections and make your DJ sets sound more exciting. This technique is one-half of the Power Block Mixing that’s taking the DJ industry by storm.

Organize your playlists and make them look perfect

Mixed In Key 8’s new “Tags” window lets you clean up all your ID3 tags, batch-remove the junk from comments like “Purchased from Beatport”, and make all your playlists look gorgeous.

Learn new DJ techniques

Mixed In Key launched the Harmonic Mixing revolution 10+ years ago. Today, Mixed In Key enables a range of advanced DJ techniques, including:

“So efficient and easy to work with. I use it every time I make a mash up and it keeps all of my records organized so I can be creative on the fly. Love me some Mixed In Key.” – Steve Aoki

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