Installation Guide (Windows)

Installing Satellite Sessions is a piece of cake.

1. Download Satellite Sessions for Windows OS from

2. Open the Satellite Sessions .exe file and run the installer

3. Read and Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Install

4. You’ll be asked permission to continue the installation – this gives Satellite Sessions permission to install itself in the following locations:

  • 32-bit: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\Vstplugins
  • 64-bit: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins

  • Please do not alter the installation locations, or your plugins may not show up correctly in your DAW.

    5. When the progress bar indicates the installation is complete, please select ‘Exit’ to close the Installer.

    6. Open your DAW, and Satellite Sessions will be in your Plugins menu, inside a folder marked Mixed In Key.

    Please note:

    All DAWs are different. As a result, some use VST, others AU, while Pro Tools uses AAX. As a result, you’ll need to search the appropriate VST/AU/AAX menu in your DAW of choice.

    Some DAWs such as FL Studio, Studio One and Pro Tools have different folders for Instruments and Effects.

    If you’re on Windows OS, you’ll need to be running Win8 or higher.