Captain Plugins / Captain Chords: Write chord progressions in your favorite DAW

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Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Requires a Mac with 10.10+ or newer (Windows version coming in 2018)


Watch the video: Create and modify chord progressions using Captain Chords

Write chord progressions in any Key and Scale. Captain Chords will help you build your own chord progression from scratch, and discover the sound of different chords.

You can automatically Minimize the Leap, choose inversions, add 7th, 9th or suspended chords. You can add passing chords, and add more complexity to each chord by adding more notes.

Compose your own chord progressions

Go step by step. Write beautiful chords, 100% original and made 100% by you.

  • Play the most common chords of the scale
  • Explore different voicings and inversions
  • Hear what sounds good to you - just press keys on your computer keyboard and hear the matching chord, 100% in key with your song
  • Learn how to add passing chords and improve transitions in your chord progression


Rhythms make your chords more interesting

Apply rhythm to your chord progressions. There are 100+ rhythms in Captain Chords. Some are basic (like "play on the Offbeats"), and some are super sophisticated.

To create our exclusive rhythms, we analyzed hundreds of famous tracks. There are some rhythms that were used in numerous #1 hits because they sound great. We aren't going to tell you what they are, but we included them in Captain Chords. Try to find them. The goal is to get you inspired and help you play a better chord progression.

One touch plays the entire chord

The "Captain Play" mode is amazing. Your entire keyboard becomes musical. Press any key, and you'll hear an entire chord based on that.

Captain Chords is intelligent enough to use correct voice leading, and minimize the leap between the chords.

If you come from an MPC background and you like playing drums, this is going to feel amazing. Every time you hit a button, you'll hear a perfect chord.


Drag and drop. Super easy.

Just drag the clip into your DAW anytime.

Connect Captain Plugins with Kontakt, Massive, Spire, Sylenth, Serum and more

You can route the MIDI output from Captain Chords into all VST and AU units in real-time.

Compose the notes inside Captain Chords, but play them with your favorite synth. It's super easy to establish a connection.


Use 100+ custom-designed sounds

There are Leads, Keys, Basslines, Pads, Guitars, and so much more. It helps you work faster when you can hear your Chord Progression played using different instruments.

Use every synth in your studio

Route the output from Captain Chords directly into your hardware. That way, you can focus on sound design while Captain Chords is playing your custom chord progressions.


Use multiple Captains at the same time

When you make a change inside Captain Chords, it automatically sends the chord progression to Captain Deep, Captain Melody and other plugins.

Your entire composition stays 100% in key. Because we're the team who made Mixed In Key :D


Captain Plugins

You'll get download Captain Melody, Captain Deep and Captain Chords now. 👌



  • Customize and explore different chords
  • Discover the sound of different Keys and Scales
  • Add a strong foundation to your tracks 💪
  • Write memorable hooks
  • Add huge basslines to your music
  • Use 100+ sounds, or route to your favorite VST synth
  • Route to your favorite Hardware synth
  • Apply rhythms to anything you've written
  • Plus: Guaranteed upgrade to 4 other plugins that are in development now
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Odesi Software + Captain Plugins

The maximum power option. Use Odesi as a stanadlone to write music, and combine that with Captain Plugins inside your favorite DAW. If you're starting a song from scratch, Odesi will help you express your ideas faster.

If you're working with an existing session, adding the Captain Plugins is a huge time-saver to speed up your workflow. Enjoy using both products side-by-side.

$99 (Bundle discount: 30% off)


  • Compose original music and write remixes using Odesi
  • Customize and explore different chords
  • Discover the sound of different Keys and Scales
  • Add a strong foundation to your tracks 💪
  • Write memorable hooks
  • Add deep basslines that follow the chords
  • Use 100+ sounds, or route to your favorite VST synth
  • See all your MIDI notes on one screen for easy-editing
  • Use the capture mode of "Magic Record" to never lose an idea you've jammed on the keyboard 👍
  • Import acapellas and analyze their Key and Scale for easy remixing
  • Route to your favorite Hardware synth
  • Apply rhythms to anything you've written
  • Edit MIDI in a super-quick and easy way
  • Transfer your rhythms from Odesi to Captain
  • Plus: Guaranteed upgrade to 4 other professional plugins when we release them
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You can use Ableton Live, Logic, and other DAWs that support VST and AU plugins.

Yes, we are working on it. Our Mac code is written in Objective-C and Cocoa, and our Windows code is written using WPF and C#. Those are different programming languages, and it takes extra time to make a "native" version of the plugin for Windows. We plan to release it sometime in 2018.

There are 100+ custom sounds designed for Captain. You can use built-in Leads, Plucks, Basslines, Drum Kits, Pads, and more. All the sounds were sourced from Spotify Top 100 charts and Beatport Top 100 charts from different genres. It's a quick way to audition how your MIDI notes will sound with different instruments. You're welcome to use the sounds in your own productions.

Yes, you can route MIDI to your favorite VST synths. For example, you can use Captain with Serum, Massive, Sylenth, Kontakt patches, and every other VST installed on your computer.

You can also use your favorite external hardware, like Moog Synthesizers, Prophets, and anything else that supports the MIDI protocol.

You can use Captain plugins offline to play the MIDI you've already written. However, you need to be connected to the Internet to write new MIDI notes inside the plugins themselves. Our generators require Internet access.

So what happens when you're on a laptop, flying on an airplane? You can write MIDI notes inside Live and play them using Captain plugins, but you won't be able to generate a new chord progression using our User Interface. Internet is becoming common everywhere, even in the sky. Most studios have wifi. This requirement is usually not a problem.

The same people created all 3 products.

Mixed In Key was our first product. It's used by the world's top artists to analyze music and find the Key and Energy Level for every track, for perfect harmonic mixing.

Next, we created Odesi to help you sketch musical ideas, and write the core foundation of every track.

Captain Plugins are an evolution of Odesi. We took the technology inside Odesi and broke it apart into "modular" VSTs that you can add to individual MIDI channels. You can put Captain Chords on a new MIDI channel inside Ableton Live, Captain Hook on your Melody channel, and so on. Captain Plugins are like smaller versions of Odesi that run inside your favorite DAW like Ableton Live or Logic.