Producer Checklist

A collection of videos, tutorials and lessons to help you progress as a producer and monetize your existing music.

1. Testing out Lead Vocal Sauce by Reid Stefan

Mixing trap vocals with Ableton stock plugins using the Audio Effect Rack preset Lead Vocal Sauce. Automating EQ, Compression, Reverb, and Delay is all you need to mix your home recordings into a professional sounding acapella!

2. Learn everything about 808s

The Roland TR-808. A drum machine so legendary, producers simply call its drums ‘808s’… and everyone knows exactly what that means. It means bone-rattling drums that could shatter glass. Learn everything about 808s on our WIKI article.


3. How to Produce: The Weeknd “In Your Eyes” Ableton Live by ill Factor at Beat Academy

Watch the production tutorials from illFactor on how he recreates famous songs – this is super useful for Ableton fans.

4. How Taylor Swift Writes Melodies | The Artists Series S1E1 by Holistic Songwriting

Holistic Songwriting is the most relevant resource for modern Songwriters/Producers on the net. Friedemann Findeisen is an award-winning songwriter and the author of the bestselling book “The Addiction Formula”. As a musical profiler, he coaches some of the biggest producers in Germany. Learn how pop music is made, check out Holistic Songwriting’s series on Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Weeknd

5. Making a Dark / Pop / Hip Hop Beat from Scratch in FL Studio by Larry Ohh

Using the Captain Plugins by Mixed In Key to generate musical ideas and send them to my hardware instruments.

6. Mixed In Key TV: How To Get Inspired/Tips from Andres Saavedra ˜DREW” by Mixed In Key TV

Multi-Grammy Award-Winning producer, Andres Saavedra ˜DREW”, shares tips on how to get inspired when it comes to writing music.

7. How to make lofi hip hop beats WITHOUT SAMPLES by L.Dre

In this video I will be showing you how to make a lofi hip hop beat in ableton live without using samples just to show you that you do not need to be a professional keyboard player to cook up some vibes!