Collaboration with Studio One.

Presonus Studio One is rapidly growing in popularity thanks to its all-action user interface and all-round strength. There are huge potential benefits for musicians who collaborate with Studio One, such as discovering new ideas, commissioning exceptional performances, and the magic that happens when creatives combine. Collaboration often proves that the sum is greater than the parts. But, the path to great remote collaboration is was full of obstacles. Until Satellite Plugins came along.

SO4 Collaboration Audio Hero

Why collaborate?

There are endless reasons to seek online collaboration with other artists and musicians. We’re fundamentally social creatures, yet music production can be a lonely endeavor. Hours whiled away in bedrooms and studios perfecting snares and kick drums can leave us a little isolated. And that’s before the pandemic hit!

It’s not even as simple as saying that Covid has created a thirst for human connection. While it has certainly intensified this need, it’s always been there. And, indeed, we often find the greatest inspiration comes through collaboratng with others in times of struggle.

In more fundamental ways, we need collaboration to make hits. While there are plenty of ‘lone wolf’ artists as well, we see time and again how a good collaboration can turn a good song into a great one. Think Drake, Ed Sheeran, Sia, David Guetta, Rihanna, Eminem… the list goes on and on.

Collaborating is an art in itself. We need to be able to take correction, even rejection, and have our input critiqued. You may encounter disagreements or even argue with your collaborator. Navigating these waters is a skill that will help you develop important relationships throughout your career.

For some, collaboration is the norm. If you live in hip cities full of likeminded artists, you may have your pick of people to work with in person. But for many, the magic has to happen online. And, unfortunately, that hasn’t always been as easy or fun as we’d want it to be.

The file-sharing joy-killer.

Collaboration with Studio One should be fast and fun. You should be able to think of an idea, play it to your collaborator and get instant feedback. They should be able to hear what you just played and respond to it, come back at you with something new and develop your ideas.

And that’s why, until now, remote collaboration has been somewhat less than fun.

File-sharing sites, upload/download speeds, rendering stems individually (and trying to remember what you called them) are a buzzkill at the best of times. When we’re in the creative zone, it’s downright disheartening. And anyone who has received a bunch of stems at a different sample rate than you are working in will know how frustrating remote collaboration can be!

Even if we could engage our inner zen and deal with these irritations, we still had trouble. To collaborate most effectively, both parties needed to be using the same DAW on the same platform, with (hopefully) pretty similar plugins. Which, as you can imagine, shrinks the available pool of collaborators greatly.

Thankfully, all that has changed.

Welcome to Satellite Plugins.

Satellite Plugins collaboration with Ableton

We are rightfully proud to have solved all these problems and provided the world with the first cross-platform, cross-DAW and (virtually) real-time collaboration tool! You don’t ever have to leave your DAW, render large files or worry about sample rates again. Satellite Plugins ensures every participant is working at the correct tempo and sample rate, is in the correct key and scale, and that every recording is perfectly in time. You can record any audio or MIDI tracks at any point in the insert chain, or share bus mixes, send/raturn channels, FX strips or any other channel in your DAW. PC or Mac? Doesn’t matter!

How to use Satellite Plugins for better collaboration with Studio One.

Collaboration with SO4 Audio Capture

Satellite Plugins and Studio One go together perfectly. Simply add the Satellite Sessions plugin as an AU or VST Instrument plugin to a blank, new MIDI channel. This is now your hub, where all the recordings will end up. All participants in the session upload to the same hub, so no matter what DAW or OS they are using, everyone sees the same thing.

Anyone in the session can add Audio or MIDI to the Satellite Sessions hub. To add Audio, simply place Satellite Audio as an AU or VST Effect on the desired audio or Instrument channel. This includes Bus and Aux channels. Note that Satellite Audio will capture audio based on its position in the insert chain. So, if you place it before any effects of processing plugins, you’ll get a dry signal. Place it after and you’ll get a post-processing signal.

You can share MIDI as well?!

Oh yes. Just add Satellite MIDI to any MIDI channel as an AU or VST Instrument plugin to a blank MIDI channel. Any MIDI passing through the channel will automatically get captured in Satellite Sessions, meaning any other collaborator can download it into their DAW. They can then play it through different instruments and record the results, make edits to the notes and send it straight back. Revolutionary.

You can also capture MIDI as it’s played by a MIDI device, such as a keyboard, or as it passes through an instrument. The exact setup is fractionally more complex, so check out this handy user guide: NEEDS LINK FOR SAT MIDI ROUTING GUIDE!!!!

Collaboration with Satellite MIDI SO4

Satellite Plugins is phenomenally simple to use.

But, if you need help, precise instructions can be found here.

Once audio and/or MIDI tracks are uploaded to the session, anyone in the session can download them to their own DAW for further work. Then, repeat the process as many times as you like. It’s superfast and intuitive.

Additional benefits.

No more sharing huge project files, Satellite Plugins actually stores your recordings (including collaborators’) in the Session History. So you’ll never lose a session again. You can work with anyone, anywhere in the world, either simultaneously or at different times. There are no limits to using these plugins, and they’re completely free!

So if you want collaboration with Studio One, your life just got a whole lot easier.

Connect with friends. Connect with Satellite Plugins. Let’s make music together.