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Captain Plugins songwriting software. Write better chords, melodies and drums.

Buy Captain Plugins + Captain Beat

Mac and Windows versions come with: Captain Chords, Captain Beat, Captain Melody, Captain Deep and Captain Play

Compose complete songs with Captain Plugins.

With Captain Plugins you can turn the music in your heart into real, complete songs.

From chords to melodies, bass-lines, harmonies and drums, Captain Plugins is your one-stop shop for writing incredible, original music. Pro artists and newcomers alike love the intuitive, simple interface and mind-blowing songwriting capabilities.

5 plugins in one!

Captain Plugins + Captain Beat comes with 5 amazing plugins for all aspects of songwriting:

Compose chords like a pro.

Some chords just sound great together, but knowing which they are can be tricky. Choose your key and scale, and Captain Chords will show you a pallette of complementary chords. You can choose from 68 tried and tested progressions, jam your own chords on one finger and easily try out different chord styles.

Beat the competition.

Hit songs need great drums, which Captain Beat will help you write. It’s a fully featured drum machine that comes with a unique songwriting tool. Choose from hundreds of amazing drum patterns from dozens of genres. Then, mix and match rhythms on different drum channels. You might even invent a new genre by blending different rhythm styles together!

You can add your own samples or use the amazing drum sounds inside.

Magical melodies.

Writing good melodies can be hard work, even for the best songwriters. Fortunately, there’s a tool to help make your songwriting better. When Captain Melody connects to your chord progression, it gives you incredible tools to write melodies that sounds great with the chords. It even shows you which notes are best avoided.

Captain Melody’s amazing Tension View displays chord tones in blue, out-of-scale notes in red and notes with a degree of dissonance in yellow or green.It’s a visual cue that gives you confidence in your melodies.

Bass in the place.

Captain Deep helps you write bass-lines that are perfectly in sync with your chords. That’s crucial for crafting a great song.

With Captain Deep you can select from dozens of amazing rhythms to give your song the perfect energy.


Captain Plugins comes with a sophisticated jamming tool. Captain Play turbo-charges your MIDI keyboard so you can play complex chords with one key, or jam out melodies with any bum notes removed.

You don’t even need a MIDI keyboard – your computer keyboard can also trigger one-finger chords and amazing, in-scale melodies. Simply export the MIDI clip to your DAW when you’re ready to continue with your song.

Boss sound.

You can use Captain Plugins with any software or hardware synthesizer, or play your music with the incredible sounds within the plugin.

From deep bass sounds to pianos, plucks, pads, keys and even string instruments, there’s a sound for every melody, chord progression or bass-line.