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The power of music theory, unlocked.

Captain Plugins is music composition software like no other. By harnessing the power of complex music theory and making it easy to apply to your music, it opens up a ton of creative possibilities.

4 dedicated plugins for chords, melodies, bass-lines and freestyle playing combine with a super-advanced drum machine. With music composition software like this, anyone ca write amazing, original music.

Captain Chords.

Captain Chords is the heart of Captain Plugins. It allows you to write chord progressions in any key and scale including many exotic scales. Captain Chords will help you build your own chord progressions from scratch, discover the sound of different chords and how to make them interact in a harmonically pleasing manner – regardless of your chosen music genre.

Find out about all of Captain Chords features here.

Captain Melody.

Melodies are the catchy parts of songs, the bits you can’t get out of your head. Composing great meklodies is vital if you want to write a memorable song. Captain Plugins has levelled up the process with Captain Melody.

Choose from multiple workflows and generate amazing melodic ideas. Edit, tweak and experiment using Captan Melody’s incredible parameter controls.

Rooted in advanced music theory with a unique ‘tension view’, Captain Melody keeps you in key and scale while your imagination runs wild.

Captain Beat.

Great tracks need great drums, but it can be hard to get them spot on. Traditional drum machines often have a fairly laborious workflow, and you can quickly lose inspiration while endlessly plotting drum patterns. Captain Beat has a refreshingly inspiring design that will help you compose amazing drums, faster. With hundreds of onboard patterns and kits to choose from , you can mix and match not only sounds, but patternsm too!

Captain Deep.

When your bass-lines are perfectly in sync with your chords, it invariably sounds good. But it can be tricky crafting a bass-line usng software and being sure that it complements your chord progreession. Captain Deep takes the guesswork away by connecting with Captain Chords and matching a bass-line to your chord progression. You can choose from a stack of hit bass-line styles and amazing sounds, too.

Captain Play.

Play chords with one finger or compose melodies on your computer or MIDI keyboard, with out of scale notes removed. No bum notes means better music composition. Captain Play is software that turbo-charges your MIDI performance.

Take Your Songwriting And Production To A Higher Level.

Captain Plugins helps you write better music, it helps to fill-in gaps of music theory knowledge, while giving you full control of the creative process.

Meanwhile, ensuring all song elements are in the correct key and scale is vital to a pro-sounding song. Mixed In Key Studio Edition helps to ensure your music production is air-tight.

Captain Plugins and Mixed In Key Studio Edition

How To Write A Track With Mixed In Key Studio Edition And Captain Plugins

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David Guetta

“Captain can inspire you. I’m using it every day and showing my friends. Captain Melody is super convenient for songwriting. I love the color feature that tells you how stable the note is in the scale. It’s also cool to see what melodies are suggested when you are looking for a new idea.”

Dada Life

“I slam this plugin on just to double check that I’m correct with the tuning of my audio.”


“I’m loving Captain Plugins and I used it on two tracks. It’s a super cool plugin. I just love that it promotes inspiration. It’s the perfect spot to get ideas going. I’m always looking for that spark of creativity and Captain always provides that!”

Chus and Ceballos

“If you’re writing chords, this is a must-have plugin. It’s faster than working on the keyboard and you can be more creative and just let your creativity come out.”

Nicky Romero

“I love how easy it is now to see what key your music and samples are playing while working on a track. No more opening different software packages, really love MIK Studio Edition”

Morgan Page

“Captain Chords is an essential tool for modern composing. I love the new strum feature”


“Perfect. That’s all I wanna say. Perfect.”


“Mixed In Key Studio Edition is perfect for music production and to save time in the studio. Very useful plugin and I 100% recommend it.”

Laura Escudé

“This is totally for me. I can take ideas that I play on violin, drop them into Captain Plugins, and come out with a super chordal sequence that I couldn’t come up with on my own.

Captain Plugins will take your music production to the next level.”