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The ultimate MIDI software for music production.

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Available for Mac and Windows.

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Created by Mixed In Key.

What is MIDI software?.

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Musical Interface. It’s a language by which musicians can control devices, instruct synths to play specific notes, adjust FX parameters, and a million other things. MIDI is one of the most important aspects of modern music. With MIDI, musicians and producers can do things they’d need 10 pairs of hands to do, not to mention 10 brains!

Mixed In Key has its own range of MIDI software, developed with the ambitious music producer in mind. These tools allow creativity to flourish with inspiring workflows and easy-to-navigate design.

Buy the Producer Collection today

More sophisticated MIDI.

Sketch multi-part track ideas in Odesi and export to your DAW for full arrangement. Or go deep into composition with Captain Plugins’ award-winning composition tools.

Then find the perfect samples and MIDI loops to complement your work with Mixed In Key Studio Edition. Say hello to better music production. Say hello to the Producer Collection.

Captain Plugins 4.0. Award Winning Plugins for all skill levels.

Captain Plugins fills in any gaps in your composition skillset by helping you turn your ideas into reality. No additional equipment or music theory required. If you can imagine it, our award-winning plugins can make it.

Beat the drum.

Captain Beat. The all-in-one powerhouse drum machine from Captain Plugins. Mix n’ match patterns and sounds. Borrow from hundreds of essential rhythm ideas. Add your own sounds. Add SFX, envelope, filter and export as MIDI clips or audio waveforms. Create your masterpiece.

Beat the competition. Beat the drum. Make amazing beats with Captain Beat.


Mixed In Key Studio Edition: Understand your sounds and samples.

Drop audio samples into your DAW and instantly see the root key. Even better, see exactly what notes are present. Never add the wrong sample again. You can transpose samples on the fly, check them in Mixed In Key Studio Edition, and get on with your production knowing it’s a perfect match.

Confidence in your sampling; priceless. Thanks to Mixed In Key Studio Edition.

Sketch ideas in Odesi

Odesi is a standalone sketchpad for music producers, songwriters and DJs. You can quickly explore ideas, try different basslines, add chords, melodies and even write complete songs around acapella vocals.

    Odesi helps you:
  • Write chord progressions that add mood to your music.
  • Write catchy hooks.
  • Write original basslines and beats.
  • Detect the Key and Scale of any audio file and write a new remix of it, using Odesi’s chords, melody and bassline tools.
  • Develop the foundation of your track, and export it to your favorite DAW like Ableton Live, Logic, and others.
Odesi UI

Get The Producer Collection Now

Buy the Producer Collection today

Available for Mac and Windows.

Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Created by Mixed In Key.


David Guetta

“Captain can inspire you. I’m using it every day and showing my friends. Captain Melody is super convenient for songwriting. I love the color feature that tells you how stable the note is in the scale. It’s also cool to see what melodies are suggested when you are looking for a new idea.”

Laura Escudé

“This is totally for me. I can take ideas that I play on violin, drop them into Captain Plugins, and come out with a super chordal sequence that I couldn’t come up with on my own.

Captain Plugins will take your music production to the next level.”


“I’m loving Captain Plugins and I used it on two tracks. It’s a super cool plugin. I just love that it promotes inspiration. It’s the perfect spot to get ideas going. I’m always looking for that spark of creativity and Captain always provides that!”

Ebonie Smith

“I love the Captain plugins by Mixed In Key. They really help facilitate programming in a streamlined way. I am able to produce quickly and efficiently while on-the-go.”

Chus and Ceballos

“If you’re writing chords, this is a must-have plugin. It’s faster than working on the keyboard and you can be more creative and just let your creativity come out.”

Morgan Page

“Captain Chords is an essential tool for modern composing. I love the new strum feature”

Rony Seikaly, Sugar Free Radio

“Captain Chords helps you add color and mood to underground tracks. It’s amazing.”

MG the Future

“These plugins close the door on the past.”

Felix Cartal

“Captain Chords has become really valuable to me when I don’t have a MIDI keyboard handy. It allows me to build out interesting chord progressions quickly wherever I am with just my laptop. I love this tool because it shows me chord options I may have not thought of.”

David from Domino Saints

“For me, it’s all about the song. Finding the right chords and feeling is the most important part to making a smash track. Captain gives you the tools you need to push boundaries in your songwriting.”

Lost Stories

“Captain chords and melodies has helped us in writing better songs in more creative and efficient ways. Amazing tools, a must have for every producer”

Fabian Hernandez

“Captain Chords helps me go where I’ve never been before. I’ve been a songwriter for 15 years, and Captain is helping me renew my inspiration.”


Computer Music innovation award

Computer Music Magazine


“Innovation Award”

“Captain Plugins is a highly productive harmonic and melodic toolkit for experienced musicians and total newcomers to composition alike. Winner of the Innovation Award.”

Digital DJ Tips review

Digital DJ Tips

Rating: 5/5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Captain Plugins is an essential tool for any DJ/producer. No other composition plugins are as intuitive, simple and great-sounding as Captain Plugins. Highly recommended for DJ/producers and music composers of all styles and skill levels.

Magnetic Magazine

“The Captain Plugins team have created something truly unique in the world of software plugins. I think they nailed what they were going for, and I would definitely recommend giving these plugins a try.”

Beat Magazine review

Beat Magazine

Rating: 10/10 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Thrilling melodies and chords to help you build a solid foundation for your songs. We are making a clear Buy recommendation.”

Jim Stout

Jim Stout

“As a sound designer, Captain Plugins allows me to create musical elements in new and creative ways. It’s the perfect springboard for inspiring new ideas.”