‘NBA YoungBoy Type Beat’ Explained

YoungBoy Never Broke Again a.k.a. NBA YoungBoy is one of rap’s most dynamic, controversial young stars. Since signing to Atlantic Records in late 2017, YoungBoy’s music has continued to climb the charts and helped him develop a cult-like following of super loyal supporters. He’s accomplished all this despite ongoing legal troubles and seemingly endless baby mama drama. The Louisiana native’s unique voice and cadence, along with his versatile style of switching between rapping and singing make it easy to understand how his music became so popular. NBA YoungBoy chooses a very specific type of instrumental to rap on and this article will break down exactly what makes NBA YoungBoy type beats so special and how upcoming artists and producers can replicate this style.

Keys And BPMs

NBA YoungBoy type beats have a wide range of appropriate BPMs. Anything from 120 BPM to 160 BPM could potentially work. YoungBoy beats are mostly made in minor keys with A minor and F minor being particularly prominent in his music.

Melodic Elements And Sound Selection

The melodic components of NBA YoungBoy type beats generally serve to establish an emotional, soulful vibe for the song. YoungBoy’s lyrics are often melancholy and dramatic. He’s known for presenting his authentic self to his listeners, showing them the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to his life and his experiences in the streets. Similar to Rod Wave type beats, emotional piano chord progressions and top melodies are a staple in YoungBoy’s music. The same goes for guitar melodies. NBA YoungBoy type beats can also include organs and brass horns, as is customary for beats coming out of the Southern region of the United States.

Drum Elements

The drums in NBA YoungBoy Type beats contain some of the typical trap drum sounds prevalent in most mainstream rap songs today. What makes YoungBoy songs unique is that he doesn’t always solely rely on the same old 808 sounds you usually hear. Many YoungBoy songs feature actual bass guitar sounds for their bass lines as opposed to the overly processed and distorted Spinz and Zay 808s.

How Captain Plugins Can Help

Every element of the Captain Plugins product suite can be helpful to a music producer looking to create an authentic sounding NBA YoungBoy Type Beat. From soulful piano chords with Captain Chords, to a groovy guitar-based bass line cooked up using Captain Deep, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips.

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