‘Lil Baby Type Beat’ Explained

Lil Baby Beat

Like so many artists before him, Lil Baby got his first mainstream look thanks to Drake hopping on his 2018 song ‘Yes Indeed’ (produced by Wheezy and B-Rackz). That song turned into a gigantic hit. Lil Baby took that momentum and ran with it, releasing a steady onslaught of fire music ever since. Today he is arguably one of the biggest rappers on the planet. Lil Baby’s melodic half-singing half-rapping flow compliments the instrumentals he picks perfectly. His sound is one of the most often imitated in the rap game today. YouTube, Beatstars and just about every other beat selling marketplace is inundated with Lil Baby type beats as the demand for this Atlanta trap style is at an all time high. This article will describe in detail, the exact elements that make up a Lil Baby type beat.

Keys And BPMs

Lil Baby’s music follows many of the modern melodic trap tropes when it comes to BPM and key ranges. Lil Baby type beats tend to sit in the 110-135 BPM range. Common keys to expect are A minor, D minor and F minor, as these keys are right in Lil Baby’s vocal wheelhouse.

Melodic Elements And Sound Selection

Lil Baby instrumentals typically have an epic, orchestral feel to them. Bright horns, intense arpeggiated pianos, catchy guitar riffs, and dark synth pads are the dominant sounds in Lil Baby type beats.

Drum Elements

When it comes to the drums in Lil Baby type beats, less is usually more. Lil Baby’s infectious melodic flow requires simplicity out of his instrumentals for his voice to have maximum impact on the listener. As such, familiar hi hat, snare and 808 sounds with very basic, predictable patterns can be heard throughout many of his tracks. One distinct characteristic of Lil Baby type beats is their tendency to be quantized on 1/12 notes instead of 1/16 notes, creating a triplet rhythm that gives these songs a unique cadence.

How Captain Plugins Can Help

Captain Plugins offers producers a multitude of avenues to create authentic Lil Baby type beats. Specifically, Captain Chords can serve as a great starting point for laying down a dope progression in a minor scale. From there, the chords can be used in conjunction with Captain Melody to craft a perfect top melody, perhaps an arpeggiated piano, as is customary with many Lil Baby type beats.

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