‘Juice Wrld Type Beat’ Explained

Juice Wrld Beat

Juice Wrld solidified himself as a rap superstar for the new generation and amassed an impressively extensive catalog of great music all before his untimely death at just 21 years of age. Despite leaving us far too soon, his spirit lives on in the form of his music that still gets streamed millions of times every single month. Additionally, Juice’s distinct style is still being emulated by up and coming rappers and producers alike. This article will explain the makeup of a Juice Wrld type beat to help you capture the vibe that Juice pioneered.

Keys And BPMs

Juice Wrld’s music could generally be characterized as melodic trap, but to be more specific, he blended multiple elements of trap, rock, emo, and punk music together. Juice Wrld type beats are generally on the faster side, residing in the 160-170 BPM ranges. Juice’s songs tended to be more melancholy than upbeat and happy, as he chronicled his substance abuse issues in much of his music. As such, most of his music was made using minor scales. F minor was especially common in his music.

Melodic Elements And Sound Selection

Juice Wrld type beats consist of a lot of lead synth sounds, pianos and guitars when it comes to the melodies. Overall, the melodic components of Juice Wrld type beats are mostly subtle and not too busy, as to give room to Juice Wrld’s sing-songy rap flow. For a lot of his songs, Juice Wrld’s voice really served as the lead melody.

Drum Elements

Juice Wrld type beats tend to have rather simple trap drums. Two step hi hat patterns, predictable clap and counter snare patterns, and a distorted 808 for the bass line that just follows the root note of the chords in the melody. The drums are kept simple on purpose so as not to distract from Juice’s powerful vocals.

How Captain Plugins Can Help

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