Creating a DJ Mix

The goal of a DJ should be to tell a story through your mix, to create new and fresh sounds and experiences by blending music tastefully, and carefully. Oftentimes this comes down to track choice and harmonic transitions between said tracks.

A wonderful feature of Mixed In Key’s Mashup software is the ability to create personalized mixes that are ready for any occasion. With Mashup’s easy to use interface you can quickly create a mix that’s designed for parties, working out, or homework montages. Organize playlists in minutes to create a seamless blend of music adaptable for any mood or social setting.

Tell a Story With Your Mix

Using a simple step-by-step technique, we show how to create the perfect digital DJ mix.

With these tools we can quickly edit the audio to create breathtaking intros, tension building breakdowns, and uniquely mashed tracks for an unforgettable live performance.

Create Your Own Mashups Today!

It’s super easy to create your own mashups. Visit the official Mashup2 Homepage and see how it will help you create your own unique mashups.