5 benefits of online collaboration you may not have considered

(and how Satellite Plugins can help).

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There are endless reasons to seek online collaboration with other artists and musicians. While many electronic music producers are accustomed to flying solo, many soon realise that collaboration can lead to fresher ideas. We no longer tread the same, familiar path. By opening up to new ideas, talents and input, we can often end up with something far beyond what we might have, had we stayed solo.

While collaboration can, of course, be in-person, many of us relish the notion of connecting with people many miles away over the internet. However, until Satellite Plugins, it wasn’t easy to accurately share projects for collaboration. All that has changed with the launch of Satellite Plugins. The simplicitly, effectiveness and accuracy of the tool means anyone can work with anyone else, anywhere. By allowing cross-platform, cross-DAW collaboration, Satellite Plugins has opened up a new world of remote collaboration options. Here are 5 uses for Satellite Plugins you may not have considered…

1. Separate recording from mixing.


When you’re recording, you want as little load on your CPU as possible. It’s common practice to use low-buffering rates for recording, to reduce latency. However, when mixing, low buffer rates quickly max out your CPU, so moving to a larger buffer size is required.

As a result, recording into a plugin-heavy template can result in latency, glitches or overloads while laying down your performances. But once you’re finished, it can be laborious to create new channel strips for each one. Save time and CPU by using Satellite Plugins to capture your stems from a blank project and slot them into a template.

2. Superfast, super clean vocal collaborations.


Doing online collaboration with vocalists? Let’s take the headache out of lining up recordings against the beat, and remove the all-too-common problem of recordings at different sample rates. By sending your vocalist a Session Invitation to your track’s Satellite Plugins session, they can add their vocal takes directly to your instrumental. It’s guaranteed to be at the correct sample rate, correct tempo and exact location in the track!

All they need to do is put Satellite Sessions on their own recording project i their own DAW. No file transfer sites, no ‘oops that file has expired’ notices, just clean, simple and intuitive collaboration.

PS – this works for any guest musician, not just vocals.

3. Extra security for your recordings.

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Have you ever lost projects due to hard drive issues or even theft? It’s the worst.

Put Satellite Audio on all your channels to discreetly save your work to your Satellite Plugins’ “Session History”. It’s so simple and could save you tears down the line.

4. Run your home recordings through professional studio tech.

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Want a pro sound but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on elite-level studio gear? Satellite Plugins could help rsolve this conundrum. You’ll need to know a studio or well-endowed producer happy to run your recordings through their gear, of course. But the process is now super simple thanks to Satellite Plugins lossless, almost real-time audio transfer.

The speed and simplicity of the process is key here. Because there’s no rendering, sample rate concerns and both parties can work inside their own DAW, sending each other stems is easy-peasy.

This is an opportunity for both composer and studio: The composer gets their music run through exceptional, perhaps legendary hardware compressors, EQs, FX units or whatever. Meanwhile, the studio could legitimately charge for such a service, without needing a dedicated server or complex file management system. Win/win?

5. Easily flip-flop between workstations, computers etc.

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Working on two computers? With Satellite Sessions you can access the same project on each without doing any additional transferring, file-sharing or flash drive acrobatics. Let’s say you’ve made a start on a project on your laptop and want to finish it off on your desktop computer. Satellite Sessions removes the need for any unwieldy file-sharing so you can get straight to work as soon as you fire up your computer.

Connect with friends. Connect with Satellite Plugins. Let’s make music together.