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Race and Music with Dr Rueben Brock and Dr Lambros Fatsis.

This is a very special episode, exploring the spectrum of issues around race, racism and music. We are guided and informed by two certified experts on this topic, and it was an honor to hear them speak.

In the wake of the recent protests and re-ignition of the Black Lives Matter movement, we wanted to explore how the music industry can tackle and identify racism, and how it can find the right voice in the fight against inequality.

Our very special guests, Dr Rueben Brock and Dr Lambros Fatsis, kindly gave us their time and considerable expertise to help us identify the right questions and find the right answers. They have some amazing knowledge and insight into the fundamental issues at play. So whatever your personal stance, opinion or position on the matter, this episode is crammed full of things we can all learn from.

Dr Rueben Brock is an assistant professor of Psychology at the California University of Pennsylvania. He sits on the Training and Advisory Committee for the American Psychologic Association’s Minority Fellowship Program, and is also host of House Call with Dr Rueben Brock.

Find out more about Dr Brock here and check out his amazing TV series House Call with Dr Brock here.

Dr Lambros Fatsis is Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Brighton. Parts of his research have been published at the Crime, Media, Culture journal, and The Sociological Review, and the European Journal of Social Theory, and he is currently completing a book on public sociology and social media for Bristol University Press.

Dr Fatsis regularly provides expertise on debates around citizenship, public intellectual life, policing and the criminalisation of Black music subcultures to a variety of print, broadcast and online media and international policy-making organisations.

When he doesn’t teach or write, he bides his time as a vinyl junkie and purveyor of Afro-Caribbean music. More on Dr Fatsis here.

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