Tutorials and Lessons for Captain Plugins 5

How to write a melody using Captain Plugins 5 by IAMLXGEND

Using Captain Chords and Captain Melody in tandem Legend creates a great track, going as far as singing a melody inspired by the Idea Box within Captain Melody.

How to Recreate Chord Progressions Using Mixed In Key Studio Edition + Captain Plugins

Got some chord progression samples that you love and want to figure out what the individual chords are? Or maybe you want to use the same chord progression, but with your own instrument sound. Mixed In Key Studio Edition lets you find out what each chord is in any sample, giving you lots more options for using them in your own music. Add Captain Chords into the mix and you have a powerful combination for recreating any chord progression from your sample library.

How to Remix an Acapella with Captain Plugins!

Today we will be showing you how you can use Captain Plugins to remix an Acapella. We will take you through the process Andy used to remix “Satellite”, a song by Frank and Yakov. You will learn how to build chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and beats based on the Acapella you are using on your project.

How To Create Counterpoint Melodies in Captain Melody

Using counterpoint in your music is a simple, yet extremely powerful technique. It’ll make your melodies sound more complex and interesting!
Who doesn’t want that, right? Great, because Captain Melody is just the tool for the job!