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The no.1 key detection and no.1 DJ software Mixed In Key and Serato:
A Perfect Match

Super-charge your Serato performances with Mixed In Key.
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Mixed In Key — Serato
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Replace your Serato key detection with Mixed In Key.

You use Serato, so you’re serious about playing the best possible DJ sets.

Mixed In Key’s unrivalled key detection quality, automatic cue points and unique energy level ratings give you the power to reach new heights.

It’s easy to use. It’s fast. It’s affordable, and it’s accurate.

That’s why so many elite DJs use Mixed In Key with Serato.

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Mixed In Key — Serato
Mixed In Key — Serato
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Why combine Mixed In Key with Serato?

Combining Mixed In Key with Serato is easy.

Improve your mixing by unlocking these unique benefits:

Key detection

Better Key detection

Consistently no.1 in independent tests.

We released the first version of Mixed In Key over 11 years ago and have spent over a decade mastering the process. Only Mixed In Key users can access the world’s most accurate key detection.



Make precision mashups, faster.

Not only does Mixed In Key give you supremely accurate key results, it also tells you if sections of the track are in different keys throughout the song.

No other key detection software can give you this level of detail.

Energy level

Energy matters

That’s why we designed a unique Energy Level rating system.

Use Mixed In Key to sort your tracks by danceability, then see the results in your Serato crates. This helps you maintain the right groove for longer, and choose the perfect track to heat things up or cool things down.

Cue points

Cue points

Waveform analysis for superior cue point accuracy.

Mixed In Key automatically adds 8 Cue Points to your tracks, saving you time and hassle. It also allows for in-depth Cue Point editing using our waveform visualizer. Send these results to Serato for professional-grade Cue Points.

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Control your crates

Mixed In Key seamlessly integrates with Serato

Control every aspect of your metadata and make smarter, cleaner crates. You can customise how and where the information is displayed in Serato.
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Harmonic Mixing explained

How Mixed In Key can improve your Serato mixes

What is Harmonic Mixing?

Key-compatibility is the basis of harmonic mixing. You need to know that Track 1 is a musical match with Track 2. That might mean they’re both in the same key, or in different, complementary keys. If they’re not, they can be a key-clash, which will sound bad, and not in a bad-meaning-good way! We invented the technology that allows DJs to see whether their tracks are harmonically compatible at-a-glance, and have spent over 11 years perfecting it.

Why mix harmonically?

Whether blending whole tracks, samples, vocals, melodies or basslines, Harmonic Mixing will help you sound amazing. This simple technique unlocks a treasure chest of creative possibilities. You’ll have the key to flawless mixes, impeccable mash-ups and learn how to control the energy of your set in a myriad of new ways.

Our market-leading software scans your collection and matches the results to our groundbreaking Camelot EasyMix system. It tells you what key your song or sample is in, and what will mix best with it. You don’t need an understanding of keys or music theory… it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

8 Cue Points made for you

Every track you analyse in Mixed In Key will get 8 cue points. Our amazing waveform analyzer automatically plots them at the most important parts of the track. It’s the fastest and most accurate way of adding cue points to your Serato crates.

Make Smart Crates in Serato based on Energy & Key.

Take greater control of your Serato crates by creating targeted smart crates with Mixed In Key.

Find the perfect track, faster. Set your smart crates to sort by key and energy level. You’ll find the perfect cut for your next mix in no time. It’s the surest way to keep the right vibe going all night.

Top DJs and producers use Mixed In Key.

David Guetta

“I’ve been using harmonic mixing for many years, but I had to find the keys with a keyboard.  Mixed In Key is as good, in less time. Magic!”

Armin van Buuren

“I’m a big fan of Mixed In Key. Keep up the good work!” – Armin taught his fans how to use Mixed In Key in his MasterClass.


What do you love about Mixed In Key? “Everything.”

Nicole Moudaber

“Since I play with 4 decks simultaneously, I find Mixed In Key very useful especially when I play melodic and vocal tracks. Layering different drums, melodic riffs and vocals, the outcome is seamless and sounds so good with the dj style I’m into which is blending tracks, creating a continuous flow along the way”


“Mixed In Key is a huge time saver! I use it for all my DJ mixes these days.”


“I love Mixed In Key for its simplicity and functionality. I always use it before I add a new song to my set to make sure I know which key it is in.”

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