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Platinum Notes 10 FAQ.

Yes. Platinum Notes 10 works great on M1 computers with our new native version.

First, the file is decoded to an uncompressed WAV. Second, Platinum Notes analyses the volume of the file with our special algorithm that pays attention only to the drums. The benefit of drum analysis is that all your output files will have the same drum volume, which is really nice for beatmatching.

Next, it detects any clipped peaks, and fixes them with a combination of a Kilohearts Multipass audio processor, and our custom algorithm for clipped peak repair. It makes your music sound smoother and less distorted. After that, Platinum Notes adds warmth using some carefully tuned Kilohearts audio processors.

We have three settings: “No Warmth”, “Gentle Warmth” and “Hot vacuum tube”, which regulate the intensity of the effect. Gentle Warmth is like sitting by the pool in Ibiza during the summer. Hot vacuum tube is like listening to an old vinyl record at a record store. Both are good settings, but we recommend the “Gentle” setting for most DJs. Any pitch problems are fixed during processing as well.

Finally, Platinum Notes adjusts the volume of the output file by using the Kilohearts Limiter processor. It’s an elite-quality plugin that makes music louder without distorting or destroying transients.

In Platinum Notes 10, adding a ‘_PN’ extension to the file name of processed files is the default option. It ensures your original files remain unaltered, as PN10 creates a new, optimized version of each track. This setup offers a couple of significant advantages:

1. Easy Comparison: It allows for effortless A/B testing, so you can directly compare the processed audio with the original. This makes it simple to evaluate the enhancements and decide whether to adjust settings or keep the improvements.

2. Safety Net: Your original files stay untouched, serving as a backup. In case of any issues or if you want to revert to the original version, your music is safe and sound.

Yes, in the new Platinum Notes 10, we’ve introduced an option to overwrite original files if you prefer a cleaner, streamlined music library. When this option is enabled in the settings, your processed tracks will replace the original files, without the ‘_PN’ suffix, applying every enhancement directly for optimal audio quality.

To ensure you never lose your original files, PN10 automatically creates a backup of the original tracks. This safeguard ensures that you can always revert to the original version if needed, giving you peace of mind as you enhance your audio experience.

Clipped peaks are spikes in an audio file that pass the -0.1db threshold, resulting in digital clipping, also known as peaking. This introduces harsh clicking sounds and is universally undesirable. Platinum Notes 10 removes these clipped peaks while retaining the dynamic range of the audio file in all other regards.

Platinum Notes decodes to a high-quality WAV so it can work with the highest-quality material during the processing phase. It keeps the music sounding crystal clear without any artefacts. It’s important to use high quality source material because it gives Platinum Notes more room to recover the quality.

We recommend using lossless audio files such as AIFF files for source material because they give Platinum Notes more room to improve your tracks.

Platinum Notes 4 featured two templates: Official, and Festival. The Official template has been calibrated and tested by multiple audio engineers and is the best possible settings for the majority of DJs. Festival has a little extra air in the hi-hats while retaining tons of low end. As such, it may be even better when performing on very large sound systems.

In Platinum Notes 10, we’ve added a third option, the Big Boost Template. It’s a response to the louder music trend seen on platforms like Beatport. It amplifies the volume of tracks, adapting to modern music that tends to be louder.

Yes, it does. Mixed In Key 10 analyzes your audio files and identifies any clipped peaks that need repairing. You have the option to drag your files directly into Platinum Notes for enhancement, or even more conveniently, just click the “Fix with Platinum Notes” button inside Mixed In Key. This action opens Platinum Notes and automatically queues all tracks that need improvement for analysis and enhanceme

Yes, absolutely! As a valued user of Platinum Notes 4, you’re eligible to upgrade to our latest Platinum Notes 10 for only $49. That’s a 50% discount off the original price.

You can upgrade at this special price and learn about the new features of Platinum Notes 10 here: UPGRADE NOW