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Crystal Clear Audio: Powered by Kilohearts!

Platinum Notes’ audio processing is now taken care of with plugin technology from Kilohearts. This new integration means better audio processing for your tracks, drawing from Kilohearts' expertise in modular audio software.

Say Goodbye to Duplicates: Overwrite with Ease!

Overwrite existing songs to avoid duplicates and save space on your hard drive, streamlining your workflow. This optional feature allows for original file retention. If chosen, Platinum Notes 10 automatically backs up your collection for easy reversion.

Optimized Performance: M1 Native Version is Here!

Platinum Notes 10 is optimized for the M1 chip, offering enhanced speed and responsiveness.

Compare Our Signature Templates!

Official Preset

This is great for Hi-Fi enthusiasts, producers and DJs who listen to music at home and in the club.

Festival Preset

Festival is designed for DJs. This template is great for night clubs, festivals and large venues.

The Big Boost (NEW)

Beatport popularized really loud songs. This preset is great for music that sounds like Beatport tracks.

Every Detail Matters: Improved Tagging is Here!

We improved support for tagging so that for most audio file formats all of your metadata and cover art will be copied over to the new audio files.

Ensure Format Consistency Across Your Files.

You can now automatically match input and output audio file formats, this is super-helpful if you have a mixture of audio formats in your collection and want to keep it that way.

Efficient and Fast

Platinum Notes 10 boosts efficiency with enhanced speed, allowing you to process your audio files faster than ever, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free workflow.

Works with all major audio formats:

MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, OGG, FLAC

Designed For:

Once you process your music, your other DJ software will sound even better.

Easy To Use

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