Native Instruments Traktor

It’s important to make sure that your Mixed In Key results show up in Traktor correctly. It’s not always obvious if you’re seeing Traktor’s built-in results, or the premium Mixed In Key results. This tutorial will make sure that you get the right results.


This is how Mixed In Key results look in Traktor:

You will see the “Key + Energy” in your Traktor Comments column. We also recommend right-clicking on the column headers and choosing to see the new “Key Text” column because you will see Mixed In Key results there too.

What’s the difference between key detection in Mixed In Key and Traktor?We have our own, patented algorithm. We’ve been in business for 10 years and have always innovated and improved our algorithms. According to indepedent studies, our algorithms are significantly more accurate for your DJ mixing. When you use the results from Mixed In Key, you will have total confidence that your DJ mixing will sound perfect in front of your audiences and the promoters who book you to play.

How to connect Mixed In Key with Native Instruments Traktor

  1. Add your files to Traktor first.
  2. Still in Traktor, select the files in your Traktor collection, right-click, and select “Analyze (Async)”:
  3. In the context menu that opens, select “Special”, then make sure “BPM” and “Set BeatGrid” are checked. This ensures the Mixed In Key cue points will line up with the Traktor Beat Grid.
  4. After Traktor finishes the beatgrid analysis, you must close Traktor.

    Note that if you forget to close Traktor before opening Mixed In Key, your tags may not export correctly!
  5. Open Mixed In Key.
  6. Go to Settings->Export Cue Points and make sure the “Traktor” and “Overwrite Cue Points” checkboxes are checked. Double-check that the location of your Traktor collection.nml file is correct. It usually is, and you only have to do this once. In the future, skip this step.
  7. Analyze your files in Mixed In Key. Mixed In Key will automatically export the Key/Energy results and your new Cue Points.
  8. Reopen Traktor. Select the files, right-click, and choose “Check Consistency”, then “OK:
  9. You’ll see the tracks have been updated with the exported tags. Your new Comments column should look like this:
  10. Load some tracks into your Traktor decks, play around and enjoy!

Recap: Add your files to Traktor first, select them and “Analyze (Async)” to calculate their beatgrid. Open Mixed In Key, analyze your files. Go back to Traktor, and “Check Consistency” to see the new Mixed In Key results. Enjoy!

If you need help, email us!

We’re DJs too, and we’re happy to help you. You can always email us directly: [email protected]. Here are some common tutorials that might be helpful to solve any problems quickly:

1. Problem Solving: My cue points don’t show up in Traktor

  • Make sure that you’ve already added your files to Traktor, selected them, right-clicked and chose “Analyze (Async)” to detect the Traktor beatgrid
  • Analyze your files in Mixed In Key if you haven’t already
  • Go to Mixed In Key’s Settings and open the Export Cue Points menu. Make sure the “Traktor” and “Overwrite Cue Points” checkboxes are checked, then click the button called “Export Cue Points for Existing Files”.
  • In Traktor, select “Track Collection”, right-click, and choose “Import Another Collection”.
  • Select your collection.nml file. It’s usually located at “C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Native Instruments\Traktor 2.10.2\collection.nml”.
  • Click “Open”. When prompted, choose “Collection”
  • Load a track into the Traktor deck, and you’ll see the 8 cue points light up. Enjoy mixing!

Note: If you only want to export cue points for certain songs, right-click your files in the Collections pane and choose “Export Cue Points”

2. Exporting Tags without Cue Points

If you don’t wish to export cue points from Mixed In Key, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings->Update Tags to specify which tags you’d like to be written and where you’d like them to be written to.
  2. Go to Settings->Export Cue Points and make sure the “Traktor” checkbox is NOT checked.
  3. Analyze your files in Mixed in Key. Mixed In Key will automatically export the tags like Key+Energy, but not the Cue Points.
  4. Add these files to Traktor, they’ll contain the tags Mixed In Key has created.
  5. Select your files in Traktor, right-click and choose “Check Consistency” to make sure that Traktor is showing fresh results

3. Removing Cue Points

  1. In Mixed In Key’s Collection pane, select all the songs you wish to remove the cue points from, right-click, and choose “Remove Cue Points.”
  2. Open Traktor and your cue points will no longer be there.

That’s it for now. Do you have ideas on what else we should explain? Please email us and we’ll respond to you and update this tutorial.

-Yakov and the Mixed In Key team