Ableton Live

There are several approaches to using Mixed In Key with Ableton Live:

  1. Mixed In Key as a Browser (Recommended)
    1. Analyze your files in Mixed In Key.
    2. Keep Mixed In Key open. Use the Camelot Wheel to find clips in the keys you’re looking for. Drag and drop these clips into Ableton live.
  2. Key Folders
    1. Analyze your files in Mixed In Key.
    2. Create separate folders for each key: “1A + 1B”, “2A + 2B” on your hard drive. Drag and drop files from Mixed In Key into these folders.
    3. Then, browse these folders in Live to find the next clip to play.
  3. File Renaming (can be dangerous)
    1. Go to Settings->Rename Files and check “Automatically rename files after processing”
    2. Analyze your files in Mixed In Key.
    3. The keys will show up in Ableton Live. You will not lose warp markers since we rename the associated .ASD files, but any Live projects that contain the renamed files will stop working.

If you need help, email us!

We’re DJs too, and we’re happy to help you. You can always email us directly: [email protected]. -Yakov and the Mixed In Key team