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Mixed In Key Live FAQ.

Yes! Mixed In Key Live runs natively on M1 and M2 computers.

You can install Mixed In Key Studio Edition on up to 3 Mac computers.

Mixed in Key 10 is designed for DJs to find the key, scale, BPM and energy level of full songs.

Mixed In Key Studio Edition is designed for producers to find the key and scale or notes of samples, loops, drums, vocals and any other audio to help make their productions sound better and harmonically correct.

With Mixed In Key Live you can get the Key, BPM, and specific notes of any audio you play on your Mac, immediately. Whether you are listening to songs on Spotify, YouTube, scrolling through samples on Splice, or the sample library inside your DAW, Mixed in Key Live tells you the key, BPM, and notes of ANY audio.

It was easier to build the Mac version first because it’s powered by a well-known framework for capturing audio.

That makes it easier to work with Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Apple Music, and so on.

If you want our award-winning key detection for Windows, check out Mixed In Key 10 – it’s 100% Windows compatible.You can also check out Mixed In Key Studio Edition, which comes with versions for both Mac and Windows.

Yes. It doesn’t matter what you’re playing or where you’re playing it, Mixed in Key Live tells you the key, BPM, and notes of ANY audio. That includes YouTube videos, Splice, sample libraries, Ableton, Logic — you name it.

Yes. Mixed In Key Lives uses the best algorithm in the industry to detect the key any audio playing on your Mac. You will get the most accurate results ever using Mixed In Key Live.