Captain Plugins Epic Release Notes – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/30/22

Features & Improvements

– Now compatible with presets from Captain Plugins on Windows

– Expanded the available instruments for each flavor


– Fixed the timeline adjustment issue in FL Studio on native M1

– Now using the octave of the original preset notes when loading a preset style into Deep with an empty canvas

– The octave buttons now do a relative adjustment rather than setting the octave for all selected indexes

– Fixed the issue causing notes to never show up when loading a Deep preset into an empty canvas while changing the key to the preset’s key – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/20/22


– Now adding a i chord to user styles that have no chords

– Don’t show complexity buttons in Deep

– Fixed the issue with old progression-only presets not loading correctly

– Fixed the issue with the sidebar not updating with the name of the preset on save and load – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/17/22


– Various improvements to saving and loading of User Presets


– Loading a sound preset with the same base instrument as the currently selected preset now works correctly

– Rhythm Picker: hide the Complexity buttons in Chords when a user bank is selected

– Fixed the issue preventing style-only loading of presets that also contained a chord progression when loading a preset in an empty canvas

– Make sure Load Preset and Save Preset dialogs get dismissed when exiting the plugin

– Reposition the styles popup window as needed depending whether the Complexity buttons are shown or not

– Disable the progression regen button when a user preset is selected

– Used NSTableViewStylePlain and moved the text field a few pixels to the right in the first column of the table

– Removed Sound preset UI from MIDIFX preset dialogs

– Load Preset: clicking outside the dialog always cancels

– Remember, per flavor, the most recently selected preset bank

– Dragging the entire contents of the song should now work as expected – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/08/22


– Fixed the issue with the incorrect chord notes when applying rhythm-only presets that contained other chords – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/07/22

Features & Improvements

– Added lock button in Chords footer to edit chord definitions

– Now showing hover buttons vertically if they don’t fit horizontally (in the footer)

– Improved chord splitting behavior for on chord change chord segments


– Fixed the problem where freeze/split/delete buttons would sometimes not show when you hover a chord segment

– Fixed a bug where a note didn’t get drawn after using + to add a chord

– Pitch changes no longer cause an On Chord Change slice to become a custom rhythm slice

– Fixed several issues with resizing chords

– Fixed a crash – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 6/01/22


– Note editing now prevents overlapping notes

– Now transposing canvas to user preset’s scale when loading

– Changing complexity now gives audio preview

– User presets are now applied at same duration they’re saved

– Updating notes before returning in case no chord re-detection is needed


– Fixed an issue when determining which chord segments to update for on-chord-change boundary adjustments

– Fixed the issue preventing the complexity buttons from working correctly when there are selected notes

– Fixed blank chord segments being added when changing chord

– Fixed+ button not appearing in idea tool until click

– Fixed selecting individual notes in separate chords selecting additional chord segments

– Fixed canvas deletion bug and other chord-slice note sorting discrepancies Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 5/23/222


– Humanization (Space + Strum)

– Save and load custom presets


– Add duplicate button when marquee selecting notes

– Show inversion buttons above daw clip view

– Update loop brace triangle after resizing

– Play notes with keyboard when sound picker is presented

– Do not show Duplicate All in the middle of notes

– Select newly added notes after duplication

– Improved handling of custom edited rhythms


– Make note selection works when note edges are clicked

– Fixed the canvas alignment issues in Bitwig

– Fixed the issue preventing the complexity buttons from working correctly when there are selected notes

– Fixed several issues with notes that start immediately before a chord

– Fixed various crashes – Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 5/16/22


– fixed an issue with the duplicate button not working as expected

– custom rhythm segments are now created on duplicate

– Deep Magic Record no longer allows overlapping notes

– fixed a crash Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 5/12/222


– added Complexity

– added Split & Delete buttons to Rhythm

– added Tension tab to Deep


– clicking a note on it’s edge always selects it

– made scrollbar color more visible

– clicking a note on canvas plays audio preview

– ability to lock any type of notes in Melody using any selection style

– quantize setting in Magic Record now syncs with Snap setting

– lock notes automatically when edited in Idea

– clicking speaker icon and dragging vertically always zooms

– sync button added to all flavors

– sync button is now always visible and enables loop playback

– quantize setting in Magic Record syncs with Snap setting


– quantize end is enforced for small notes

– maintaining segment selection during rhythm changes

– notes getting added in Deep when shifting chords

– hitting spacebar after auditioning audio stops playback

– Magic Chord buttons larger than 7th now uses root and spread voicing

– insert custom segment in Deep when Follow the Chords wipes out user edits

– certain chords not using spread voicing

– various crashes – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 5/12/22


– added Complexity


– Loop Brace now works universally in all flavors


– use user styles instead of destroying style slices

– fixed a crash Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 5/5/222


– added Magic Record in Deep

– loop playback is now universal


– audio cuts out when extending loop brace in Beat

– chord segment regeneration bug on reload

– various crashes – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 5/5/22

Features & Improvements

– updated scrollbar color


– Chords is out of tune in Pro Tools due to sample rate mismatch

– Captain window is too big on project reopen on M1 in Logic

– various crashes Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/29/222


– don’t redetect chords when applying octave shift operation over multiple segments


– partial fix for chord segment regeneration bug on reload

– deep no longer loops only 4 measures – Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/28/22

Features & Improvements

– added Velocity to Chords

– added Rhythm and Velocity to Deep

– resizing notes in Chords now snaps to grid when in Smart Snap


– adding a chord with the + button reverts selection to previous chord segment

– resizing chord segment makes custom rhythm get lost

– adding notes in Chords can make extra notes show up in Melody

– audio cuts out sometimes when playing back Phase Plant sounds

– inversion button glitches visually on mouseoff

– 3-button menu jumps 10px on hover Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/26/222


– chord context gets lost when ctrl-dragging to duplicate

– audio out of sync with playhead when using sync button

– additional lane sometimes shown in arpeggiated rhythms

– deleting notes in Chords deletes notes in other flavors – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 4/26/22

Features & Improvements

– audio preview plays root chord in same octave as notes on canvas

– computer keyboard keys play preview in sound preset dialog

– audio preview plays root chord in same octave as notes on canvas

– loop playback now uses longest length of all flavors

– added tooltip to inversion buttons

– inversion buttons appear on hover instead of chord selection


– chord context gets lost when duplicating

– chord detection doesn’t work correctly with midi keyboard

– au version cuts off audio when looping with daw

– audio out of sync with playhead when using sync button

– magic record doesn’t work correctly when loop playback is disabled

– secondary magic chord buttons showing when canvas is blank

– various crashes Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 4/18/222

Features & Improvements

– added up/down inversion buttons in Chords


– fixed moving notes not snapping to grid

– fixed midi export names in Ableton

– fixed canvas drawing when zooming out

– fixed a crash – Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/18/22

Features & Improvements

– added up/down inversion buttons in Chords

– sync button is shown when loop playback is enabled

– changed magic button hot keys to 1-7

– added pencil and brush tools to Deep

– drum fill is disabled by default in Beat


– reverb & delay are set to 0 by default in Deep

– if project key is same as import “Change Project to…” button is disabled

– instrument names are now plural

– fixed a crash Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 4/14/22

Features & Improvements

– resizing notes from the right edge in Chords snaps to grid when in smart snap

– octave buttons in top panel are always enabled

– Deep rhythm becomes custom when edited


– fixed audio playback cutting out in Deep and Melody during vst routing

– fixed rhythm preset name not being restored on reopen

– fixed add and duplicate buttons showing when there’s no insertion point

– fixed root notes not being played sometimes when following chords in Deep

– fixed second row of magic chord button not always being hidden

– fixed layout of synth controls view in Melody

– fixed a crash – Captain Epic (Mac)

Released on 4/8/22

Features & Improvements

– added ABBB to idea layouts in Melody

– sync button is now shown when loop playback is enabled

– loop playback control is now universal

– replaced rhythm tap with magic record in Deep

– updated instrument names to be plural

– notes are now duplicated to next bar and deleted if overlapping


– fixed insertion point not following mouse in canvas after scroll

– fixed a crash

6.0.639.0 – Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/7/22


– fixed play music from plugin not reenabling on project reopen

– fixed various crashes

6.0.628.0 – Captain Epic (Windows)

Released on 4/5/22

Features & Improvements

– added move tool to Deep

– added chord degrees and octave buttons to Deep

– added new midi export names

– updated phase plant link in sound design dialog

– deletion of all notes in an idea box now also removes the box


– fixed overlapping chord footer labels

– fixed wrong chords being shown when changing progression

– fixed various crashes

6.0.590.0 (Windows Beta)

Released on 3/30/22

Features & Improvements

– added duplicate button to the canvas

– Deep now auto-connects to Chords

– updated the VIP code screen UI


– fixed duplicated chords losing chord context (Mac Beta)

Released on 3/30/22

Features & Improvements

– improved note resizing behavior

– improved filtering of sound picker

– added back the follow the chords button in Melody


– fixed inability to move small notes on M1

– fixed velocity not working in Chords and Deep

– fixed issues on canvas caused by using chords in 4th inversion

– fixed top of loop brace missing

– fixed note length not working after being dragged to 0%

– fixed octave controls in the idea box not respecting locked notes

– fixed chord segment with incorrect width after adding note in empty space

– fixed tooltip staying on screen after note is deleted

– fixed moving notes vertically losing selection state

– fixed tooltip staying on screen after note is deleted

6.0.581.0 (Windows Beta)

Released on 3/29/22

Features & Improvements

– moving idea boxes now moves contained notes and transposes them to the new chords


– fixed progression generation moving segment selection and adding new measures

– fixed custom chord input not always returning correct results

– fixed midi import file adjustment to ensure correct looping (Mac Beta)

Released on 3/22/22

Features & Improvements

– added default fx (filter, delay and reverb) to phase plant sound dialog

– no longer whitelisting hosted plugins

– play music from plugin settings are now per flavor


– fixed notes not retaining selection when zooming

– fixed marquee selection near clip views

– fixed issue with unexpected results when changing idea box layout

– fixed chord context issues with duplicated and pasted notes

– fixed footer and timeline appearing blank under certain conditions

– fixed progression scale changing when canvas is empty

– fixed roman numerals missing from certain note labels in Play

– fixed the + button not using the octave of the previous chord

– fixed follow chords functionality not working sometimes in Deep

– fixed rhythm in Deep reverting to default on reopen

– fixed sound design dialog not opening in Play

– fixed restoration in play music from plugin and loop playback

6.0.566.0 (Windows Beta)

Released on 3/22/22

Features & Improvements

– the add progression buttton now inserts the notes per measure, instead of 4 measure intervals


– fixed chords becoming deselected after changing key

– fixed chords not getting transposed when changing key

– fixed notes not getting fully generated in Deep for chord progresions longer than 4 measures

– fixed notes disappearing from idea boxes after deleting chords

– fixed various crashes (Mac Beta)

– Improvements to the idea box in Captain Melody

6.0.500.0 (Windows Beta)

– Improvements to the idea box in Captain Melody