Announcing the new Mixed In Key 8.1

Analyze screenshot
Mixed In Key is easy to use. Just add your MP3 and WAV files, and it will show you which songs you can mix in harmony.
You can also edit your Cue Points.

Clean up your ID3 tags

Tags screenshot
You can instantly clean up all the junk in your ID3 tags. Your playlists in iTunes, Serato, Traktor, rekordbox and all other DJ software will look perfect afterwards

Grand Piano

Piano screenshot
We added a Grand Piano to our software, so you can verify the results anytime. This is completely optional, but it's amazing to hear how accurate Mixed In Key 8.1 sounds.


ID3 tagging screenshot
You can customize your ID3 tagging to store Mixed In Key results inside your music files. Use the results in Traktor, Serato, Pioneer CD-Js, Virtual DJ, Ableton Live and all other DJ software.

Add cue points to Traktor and Serato

ID3 tagging screenshot
You can also configure Cue Point writing to update cue points in Traktor and Serato.

Are you a member of the press? You can get these screenshots in Retina quality. Here are the downloads: Mixed In Key 8 Screenshot and the New Tags Window