Yes, you can use Mixed In Key Live with Apple’s new M1 Chips!

There are just a few extra steps involved, but it’ll work 100%

Scan this code on your phone, so you can see the steps to follow:

If you are using Ventura or Sonoma OS, CLICK HERE for detailed instructions.

Instructions for Macs with M1 chips:

1. Open Security & Privacy settings and go to the General tab

2. Unlock Security & Privacy preferences and click the Enable system extensions… button

3. When prompted, click Shutdown

4. Hold the power button down until it says “Loading startup options…”, then let go

5. Select “Options” and click “Continue”

6. If prompted to, select a user with admin privileges, and click Next. If you don’t see the Admin Privileges option, skip to Step #8.

7. Enter your login password, and click Continue

8. If the Startup Security Utility doesn’t load automatically, select Utilities > Startup Security Utility

9. Select your main drive and click “Security Policy…”

10. Select “Reduced Security” and the first checkbox to “Allow user management of kernel extensions from identified developers”, then click “OK”

11. When prompted, enter your password and click “Continue”

12. Restart your Mac from the Apple menu in the top left and log into your account

13. When you see “System Extension Blocked” click “Open Security Preferences”

14. Unlock Security & Privacy preferences and click “Allow” to permit ACE to run

15. Click Restart when prompted, then log into your account.

16. If you haven’t yet installed Mixed In Key Live, you can do so now. If you already have, just open it from your Applications folder, and you’re good to go!

Additional Details on M Chip Installation

  • The “Reduced Security” setting still provides your Mac with powerful security, only allowing operating systems approved by Apple to run.

  • ACE is actually a standard audio plug-in, not a kernel extension. However, it receives enhanced privileges to access your system’s audio, so Apple uses their existing kernel extension verification system on MacOS 11 and MacOS 12 to allow ACE to load.